Yellow & £1.50 the answer to under eye circles ???

Apart from the sarcastic sense of humour , the hard working ethics and an acute ability to say the wrong thing at precisely the wrong time I also inherited dark under eyes circles from my father.

Cheers dad !!!

Not only does managing these add extra time to your makeup routine, they also make you look incredibly tired when in fact you are wide awake and raring to go .I am a huge advocate of Benefit’s Erase Pate it works wonders but it does take time to apply the product correctly which is key in gaining the best results . And sometimes for us working mums time is just not on our side in the mornings.

So during a trip to Superdrug last weekend I discovered a product from MUA the PRO-BASE prime and conceal in YELLOW , yes you did read correctly yellow.

It promises to brighten and conceal areas with purple tones . Now this I liked the sound of could this be the daily help I needed ? So I had to try it.

And the great news is there are more colours available to assist in correcting natures skin anomalies .

Yellow— hides undereye circles, dark spots and purple blotches.
Green— covers redness, acne and rosacea.
Lavender—hides bruises and improves sallow complexions.

But does it work ???

In a word yes it does the MUA yellow product does for me I applied this after my foundation and before my regular concealer, it early is childs play to apply it the results were impressive , and at £1.50 I shall be gong back to purchase more this weekend. Did I hear sunburnt cheeks are on the horizon ??? I’ll race you to the Green …

So if life left you in the dark, purchase a pot of sunlight and radiate yourself beautiful.


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