A word of advice for the under 21’s …

I could have penned this blog “What I would say to an 18 year old me”

One thing I can be sure of is that she would not have listened .

Because at that age Aj she was far too busy thinking she already knew the bloody lot. Of course she didn’t … I am writing this blog in the third person sense because I don’t recognise that person anymore. You see Aj then and Aj now are two different people and that my dear readers is exactly how it should be.

Young Aj was filled with a naive energy which saw her push boundaries some good some bad , she never wavered she kept on pushing because she had the desire to conquer and experiment without the fear of consequence.

Consequence kicks in later around the same time as emotional , financial and vocational commitment. Some people I must say even in their forties have still not grasped consequence and we shall refer to these people not as immature but as possibly deluded with a fear to commitment. Align to this and the anxiety you feel now will never leave your side. You do have to mature but not just yet…..

As we age our commitments grow and we may even now be responsible for another human life or two which believe me will be affected by your every decision.So when I see blogs from younger bloggers clearly growing old too quick and struggling with the consequences which come with early commitment it both saddens and frustrates me.

Therefore I have this advice…. Life is short and often hard , dream big , say yes more and no less. Take chances , grasp opportunities , travel , be silly , do things which take you out of your comfort zone do everything you can until one day you eventually sit down and think I am now ready to grow up . I have now carried out all the selfish things that kept me young , that helped shape me to the person I am today and now leaves me equipped to deal with consequence without it dragging heavy on my heart.

Let the person I am tomorrow not recognise the person I am today because I have lived according not to the expectations of others , but because I danced to the tune of opportunistic youth.

The good news is that yes you settle down but eventually you reach forty and you have a genuine excuse to retrace your steps and fill in any gaps.

I am now filling those gaps….. because guess what I was one of those that grew up too soon !!!!!!


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