Why are women so complicated ???

This post will probably have feminists everywhere up in arms …. but I am writing it anyway.

Why are us women so bloody complicated ?

Take me for example the husband has been working away all week and I have missed him , yet because I have been poorly and I am tired no scrap that exhausted instead of making the most of it I have been grumpy and generally feeling a bit poor me.

It’s only now that he has left to head back to the smoke that I think , why have I wasted two days acting like a hormonal grumpy teen and why hasn’t he noticed I’m exhausted.

Us ladies are special…. We say one thing and we mean another .And others are meant to know this . The ” Nothings wrong honestly speech ” usually means there is something wrong, and the ” No you sit down I will clear up” generally means …. get off you arse and help me.

If a woman was a computer we would forever be on the egg timer, not quite sure how we want to react until the other half gets angry and starts swearing. Then we go into all sorts of random sequences until finally we reveal to them the information they requested 2 days ago !!!

Hormones……the day that every young girl discovers that Tampax are not for filling holes in your dads leaking car radiator , is the day she starts to over think and complicate her life.

Einstein once said “If you cannot explain a concept to a 6 year old then you don’t fully understand it ” Which basically means when you are young you are reasonable enough to absorb simple information and digest it easily without over complicating, taking it at face value.

Now explain the same piece of information to a teenage girl, she will probably question the information roll her eyes and tell you what SHE thinks is right totally dismissing your advice and choosing her independent viewpoint over yours.

… at this age we have everything to prove.

Now the same information to somebody in her twenties , she will try and engage pretend she understands even if she doesn’t and appear interested because she wants to be accepted at your level.

…..at this age we seek approval.

Explain again to a woman in her thirties and she won’t listen in full.She is too busy thinking about everything she has to do that day whilst picking your clothes up off the floor and thinking I really don’t have time to list this crap. Now this is where it gets interesting because at this point you will notice she isn’t listening and you will try and call her out …..
Don’t she will bite and hard , and every single thing you have done to annoy her in the last week will get thrown back at you. You call it nagging we call it reaching our “tipping point” which is basically the point at which you open your mouth and say errrrrr anything to us.

…… at this age we don’t suffer bullshit and are probably getting insecure about our looks but won’t tell you.

Now as a woman in her 40’s myself I can personally tell you we tend to let more go… Because we have now realised that for our own sanity some things are not worth the fight.

Plus over the years we have mastered the art of answering correctly at the right time, have our fashion and makeup sorted and have a new zest for living.

…… At this age we start to realise time and people are precious so we aren’t.

Now a man living with a teenager and twenty something and a wife in her forties has to be one of the bravest men to walk this earth.

Us ladies are hard work, right up to the point we regress back to that teenager and argue with everything you say to us when you visit us in the nursing home you put us in because our 70’s saw us regressing and we started swearing at your neighbours and took the occasional pee on your sofa whilst asleep like a rebellious toddler .

……at this age we may revert back to childhood.

I don’t even understand us myself. But one thing I do know is that we define nature and the world.


And for all you feminists I may have upset here is a link to a video of a bra burning to make things right.

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