When is a ring not a ring ?

If you are like me and love a piece of jewellery that not only looks stylish but is also unusual then you will adore this ring.

I actually came across this little beauty whilst searching the web for images of “Chunky Silver rings” (like you do when you are a sad and lonely post op patient ).Unable to find anything that stood out on multiple sites this was my last ditch attempt at finding that statement piece.

So when I found this unusual one on EBay of all places imagine my surprise.

12002989_945247558867461_5187502762517950620_n What stood out the most about this ring was the unusual design and although large it wasn’t going to make you look like you bust noses on a Saturday night manning the door at your local nightclub.

In fact although immediately attracted to this ring I didn’t even realise why this appeared so special. It wasn’t until I reached and read through the description and realised that.

Prepare to be shocked……….

This unusual looking ring is in fact …….

An Edwardian solid silver teaspoon hallmarked Birmingham1904.

A lovely lady called Jan from Halospoonrings crafts these beautiful rings. She lovingly crafts spoons (amongst other eating utensils , yes really ) into these beautiful rings. Clever lady !!!!! Delivery was superfast and including delivery this ring was a very reasonable £29.50.

The History …..

12038470_945247612200789_4886311118597660667_n Crafting spoons dates back to the 1700’s where they were originally used as wedding rings. Servants unable to afford precious metals would steal the silverware from the manor houses and have them turned into rings.

Amazing… and what an educational conversation piece you will have as you start to get those admiring comments coming your way.Which you will believe me.

These would make ideal Christmas presents /stocking fillers.

You really need to check out the website there are other designs which have been grafted from slightly more ornate spoons than the one I chose, and the results are simply stunning.

Visit the store on EBay.


or check out.



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