What’s in my Kitchen Sink ?

Okay so the title my be a tad misleading and all of you expecting to find a detailed account of my dirty pots and pans are going to be disappointed.

Those of you whoever are interested to know what tonnage of make-up ( hence the kitchen sink analogy ) I have in my handbag each day then you my chaps are in luck.

Okay so my job hardly involves a high level of activity, but it does involve a lot of head in hands at time , looking at a screen for long periods and meetings. By midday my eye make up is looking a little bit tired and my face needs a little freshen up. Now whilst I try to keep my makeup bag with just the essentials determining what the essentials actually are I struggle with. I often switch it up and at the end of the month realise I have 10 lipsticks crammed in.

So here is a list of what I currently determine are my essentials.


1) Lipsticks 2 at the moment both nudes one by Urban Decay Sheer Liar and the other Estee Lauder in irresistable.
2) Lipgloss Mac Turkish Delight.
3) Brightening Face Powder by Korres in the shade wild rose for where I don’t want to shine.
4) Highlighter Jelly Pong Pong all over glow for where I do.
5) Eyeliner Oh la la liner by Sleek in shade black.
6) Viper mascara by Makeup Revolution also in shade Black
7) Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Cheek in Love is the Drug.
8) Makeup Revolution F105 contour brush.
9) NARS creamy concealer in shade Custard.
10)Travel Toothbrush ( brace problems)
11) Oral B 3D shine toothpaste ( brace problems and to keep my breath fresh ).
12) Burts Bee’s lipbalm for keeping those lips in tip top condition.

You will notice I don’t carry any eyeshadow or foundation , and this is simply because I want a quick touch up only not a complete make-over. And all of the above can perk up my face in the no time if need be i can use my blush to brighten up my eyes and eyeliner to smoke it out.

So there you have it , my facial first aid kit which travels with me daily all inside my YSL makeup bag which I received for christmas.

leave me a comment with your key items .


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