What makes you attractive according to men ?

As we age our opinions , desires , outlook and needs change.

The one things that never changes is the primal desire to feel attractive to others. We have all heard of magnetism , the hidden attraction? (If you haven’t then shame on you for not paying attention at school ) so if we took the same principle from science and applied it to the science of people what behaviours are key to drawing in the attentions of the opposite sex ?

So if we asked the same question …..

“What makes a woman attractive ? “ …… to four different generations of males , what would the answers provided tell us about the evolution of the wants and needs of the males.

This is a question I needed answering . So off I went in search of some willing volunteers happy to share to me and the rest of the bloggersphere what tickles their pickle when it comes to the opposite sex.

Some of the results you may find surprising , so I won’t identify which generation gave which set of answers until the end.

The following age ranges were represented.


20- 35

35- 50


The subjects were all males chosen from different walks of life and background. The answers are of course subjective . Some of the answers refer to physical traits and others refer to personality traits. So with further ado let’s delve into the minds of the evolving male.

In no particular order….

“ What makes a female attractive “ ???

Participant Number 1.

She makes you feel comfortable in her presence , she is somebody whom you find it easy to talk to and is savvy about the world. She has her own interests and a zest for life. A show of independence is always attractive in a lady along with taking pride in her appearance.

Participant Number 2

She is somebody who is on the same intellectual level as me and is fun to be around. Looks are not important but she must be fun to be around moodiness isn’t attractive. She needs to be able to laugh at my jokes even when I am not all that funny. I don’t think somebody that is mean about others is attractive.

Participant Number 3

She must be confident but not over-confident , have good etiquette and be family orientated. She must be well-mannered and have good hair. Be body confident whatever her size , but not wear anything too revealing as I believe revealing your body should only be to somebody you care about.

Participant Number 4

I have a type so she needs to be tall , have blonde hair , big boobs and know how to make a good sandwich .

So can you correctly match the age range to the answers ???

Participant number ones answers show somebody whom knows exactly what they are looking for and the answers given would suggest that perhaps this person is within the 35-50 age range. Wrong the individual was actually within the 50-75 age range.

Participant number twos answers would suggest that this person has a simple outlook on life and also has the desire to be liked themselves. You would therefore be correct in thinking that this person was in the 0-15 age range

Participant number fours answers reveal a very distinct set of criteria centering mostly around physical attributes and very little else , you may therefore be surprised that this person is within then 35-50 age range and not the 20-35 age range which is in fact participant number three.

So whilst the answers are of course subjective they are reflective of the desires of men at that particular point in their lives.

If we asked the same question to each of them in another ten years I should imagine that participants two and four would have slightly differing answers but participants one and three would remain static.

So what can we learn from this?

It’s simple , accept that attraction is subjective and not always a choice.

Therefore someone’s physical preferences are not necessarily shallow but just a reflection of their preferences so if you don’t tick all their boxes it is not a reflection on you one bit .

Subjectivness is also not finite and wants and needs will change .

So to summarise men and women form opinions about attractiveness based on slightly different criteria which can change over time .

The best description of attractiveness I found described it as

” having qualities or features which arouse interest “ .

So if you aim for perfecting those then you won’t go far wrong.


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