What is Christmas all about ? Let’s ask my son.

Tonights blog has been written by my ten year old son Morgan. He wrote a few words about what Christmas means to him and I have copied it straight onto this page exactly how he wrote it.

Sometimes it is just nice to reflect upon the thoughts of a child to know the real value of something.

So over to Morgan.


“Hi people, my name is Morgan. I am the little boy behind Fortyfied Beauty. Mummy told me to write about what I think Christmas is all about. I think that Christmas is all about being happy and having fun with family and being kind. Also about getting and sending presents but not massive big presents that are too expensive as that is just greedy but it is mostly about family at home happy and loving. Also having fun with other families by visiting them too as they might not be having fun and you can help them have fun possibly or at least cheer them up. Also it is the season to put cute little Santa coats on doggies. My perfect Christmas would be if I ever met my granddad, Peter. He died 2 years before I was born he is my mummys daddy ! The thing I like most about Christmas Day is guessing what is in your present and then summarising whether you are correct or not. Also if I met John Cena I would be soooo happy!

I hope you all enjoy reading my Mummy’s blog. Have a happy and merry Xmas!! ”
Xoxo Morgan

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