Vitamin C An Excuse & The Bearded Lady

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I am actually quite fortunate in the fact that I inherited my mother’s skin. All the ladies in the family have porcelain looking skin and luckily so far it hasn’t skipped a generation.

Although I must add a couple of great aunts became rather facially hairy in their older years, therefore if my opening gambit put you off reading a review of a skin product written by somebody with self-proclaimed perfect skin , then the thought that one day I may resemble Conchita Wurst should evoke enough pity for you to go the long haul.

I am however, as you may be pleased to hear prone to dry skin and soap is a huge no no for me. I thought that as I got older this may change but I seem to have reached a Status Quo in terms of my facial prescription. Which luckily for me and my bank balance means my basic skin care routine has seen me having to avoid the skin care product slalom you all run. This quest in itself can bring more problems to deal with before you eventually find the holy grail in skin care and emerge with skin and products you love

So for me with such a down pat routine I don’t need to change anything right ??? . WRONG!!!!! As I recently found out when a product called Super C-15 by Skin Pep landed in my Glossybox for July.

Super C-15 is a stabilised vitamin C serum and a few drops twice a day claims to act as a skin firmer and super antioxidant boosting collagen & elastin along with brightening your complection. So being the guru of “try something new” I started using to use it daily. The oil was light and had a slightly pharmaceutical smell to it, it glided on well and was absorbed into the skin quickly. I was surprised to find that it actually evened out my skin tone. Over a few weeks my skin was noticeably brighter and seemed plumper a lot like I had taken on more fluids.

This look normally appears for lazy water drinkers like me on holiday where in the heat I am forced to consume vast amounts of water for 2 weeks. I then return and put that energised look down to the fact we have had a nice break without acknowledging the fact that what I actually did was rehydrate. Now when my trial 7ml bottle of this product ran out and I didn’t want to lose the new look I had gained, but when I noticed that £50.00 price tag I thought that before I hit that add to basket button I had better search around for a cheaper alternative and also consider a suitable excuse to warrant my purchase to the husband if I failed . So as anybody with any sense does I took to the internet and it wasn’t long before a particular product seemed to standing out from the rest and to my surprise it came from The Body Shop.

I had not shopped at The Body Shop since the 80’s when I virtually lived in there so I was quite surprised to see that a product from their range was scoring high on the skincare front, I don’t know why but I always imagined it to be for young vegans and people who didn’t live close enough to a Lush store. So off I went to purchase the acclaimed Vitamin C Skin Reviver which promised instant smoothing radiance, and we all need a bit of that in our life don’t we ? The cost was a much more reasonable £15 for 30ml. I was so confident in our fellow online gurus reviews that I purchased four of them.

So get to the verdict AJ ….. I love love love this serum it smells like oranges (quelle surprise I hear you say) and actually feels like velvet when you are applying it to your face and neck, a little goes a long way and wow throw away that primer because you no longer need it. This serum evens out your skin tone and leaves you with an opaque finish minimising fine lines and pores. After using this twice a day I immediately noticed my skin looking brighter and plumper a must when you are the wrong side of 40 like me.

There are a lot more products within the range which I am yet to try but to be honest I am happy with this one my skin Is much brighter and the skin on the back of my hand where I dispense the serum on before applying to my face is noticeably different to the other hand so as they don’t have a hand cream I’m claiming that idea as my own here and now

So whilst I thank Skin Prep for luring me to try something new after all these years I have to say the Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Reviver has totally won me over. I highly recommend you give this a try and The Body Shop have a 40% offer running this week so now is a great time to grab yourself better more radiant skin as well as a bargain buy!!

Link to the product below I am ordering next.

One for Skin-Pep if that is tickling your tonsils.


Oh and if you are wondering the excuse I would have used is that the cat walked across the keyboard whilst I left my laptop on the sofa overnight and I didn’t realise until it arrived.


And the science bit for those wondering what Vitamin C does for the skin.

It’s all about the education folks…..




2 thoughts on “Vitamin C An Excuse & The Bearded Lady

  1. Thanks for a great review, I am going to give this a go it sounds wonderful. What’s the chances that if i get the plumped radiant look, that I get asked if I’m pregnant hahaha

    1. Thanks Sam. haha oh my goodness either that or they will think you reached for the fillers. Either way if they comment is shows how radiant you are looking, so lap it up. Let me know how you get on. Aj x

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