Valentines Day “Smooch ” Review

I was sent these products from Smooch Cosmetics to review , and as they arrived on Valentines Day, and being marketed as Cosmetics with sex appeal it was only befitting that I created my Valentines Day look using them.



These are the products which I was sent. Boxed in elegant yet funky packaging. Open them up and a sturdy matte black compact awaits you which actually has a slight rubbery feel to it. Each compact comes with a mirror and for the eyeshadows 2.5 g of product.




Smooch Duo Eyeshadow in Nocturnal.£1.45

This consists of a shimmery with and a dark grey shade. I used the white eyeshadow on the base and the dark grey on the outer corners of the eye for that smokey effect.They applied well and were well pigmented so only a touch was required but be careful you don’t over do it because less really is more.

Smooch Duo Eyeshadow in Social Butterfly.£1.38

With my green eyes the light and dark purple shades worked well. I used the light purple in the crease blending the darker purple through and then below the eye.

Smooch Blusher in Cookie Crumble £1.96

I have yet to use the blush which is an oatmeal shimmery shade and would work great as a highlighter too. It’s subtle effect would complete a nice daytime look in my opinion. The blushers come in 4g compacts.

Smooch Blusher in Peachy.£2.45

I liked the look of this as soon as I owned it with a shimmery peach tone one side and a darker peach shade the other this gave a wonderful warm and day effect. Peach is THE colour at the moment and I wouldn’t be opposed to using these as eyeshadows either. It blended well and the colour built amazingly. This will definitely be up there with my favorite blushers.

I received two lipsticks both retailing at £3.33 both in the same matte black packaging which have a lovely click to them so you know when the lipstick is all the way back in which I like.

I chose to wear the purple shade Courtesan as it gave me a Valentines depth and a wintery feel. This lipstick feels very buttery and applies well. it lasted a fair mount of time and wore evenly which I like as I hate being left with an outer rim !!!!

The second shade is called Trolley Dolly and is bright pink , this would look great with a tan I look forward to the summer months when I can really showcase it’s talents.

On the whole I enjoyed using these products and am keen to try more from the range the look I created was perfect for today and even now later in the day the eyes are still as fresh as they were after application. Which I have to say for the price is AMAZING !!!

So Smooch gets a big thumbs up from me.


The full range is available on Amazon just search for Smooch Cosmetics and you are away … with a website in progress it will soon be even easier to order.

follow them on twitter @smoochcosmetics


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