Utter Madness Blogmas Day 23

As the big day approaches those last minute stresses take over. Today I did the Christmas food shop and whilst everybody behaved themselves you could see people were 2 seconds away from RAGE !!

It was ridiculous the shops are closed for one day and here we all are buying like its Armageddon. With trolleys full to the brim (mine was pissed by the way because it kept veering to the left ) we purchase enough food to feed a small army most of which will probably go out of date before we realise it’s at the back of a rather crammed cupboard/fridge. Suddenly chocolate orange cheese seems like a great idea ….. because it’s Christmas. Enough Baileys to sink the Titanic (again) in ALL of the flavours seems like a great idea…. because it’s Christmas . An Advocat of course lets get some of the bright yellow festive treat we actually hate, yeah you guessed it…… because it’s Christmas.

And today we washed both cars because it’s soddin well Christmas .. This time of the year sends us all into a spending frenzy , debaucherous greedy beggars. This makes me sad , what I really should have done was purchased a little extra to the normal shop and then filled another with essentials and taken them out onto the streets and given them to the homeless. Half of me thinks this is what I should have done the other half thinks I work hard and I want to spoil those I love at Christmas. An emotional jeopardy.

I saw a video today of a boy giving a homeless guy $100 , they then secretly filmed him when you see what happens it makes all of this preperation just seem like UTTER MADNESS.

See for yourself…..

If you didn’t shed a tear you have no soul. See you tomorrow for my last day of Blogmas.


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