Undateables My Ass !!

Now if you were anything like me then you will have been glued to your sofa last night ready to watch the programme which in my opinion is wrongly named The Undateables.

I adore this programme, it never fails to bring a smile to my face.But sadly to me it also personifies todays society in which we deem those with some kind of special attribute as Undateable.

What I say is….. Undateable my ass!! In my opinion these people are more dateable than half of the cheating, gambling, abusing, lying, thieving, manipulating ones out there masquerading as ” normal ” and very much dateable.

Let us see a programme with the same name that highlights these types let’s name and shame the wife beaters , the cheaters the abusers and manipulators because those are the ones that deserve such a label , not the sweet kind hearted deserving individuals who through no fault of their own don’t tick every box on the normal scale.But they won’t make one through fear of being sued for deformation of character etc…. errr isn’t this what they are currently doing with this programme title ???

I say screw normal , screw ideal let’s judge people on how they treat others , how they manage through adversity , how they make us feel and a big F you to what they look like.

Now I have left sided hemi-parisis ( mild form of cerebal palsy) which means my left side is weaker and my left leg as almost an inch shorter so i limp and I have a noticeably different left leg to my other. A recent operation on my foot has now left me with an off river dance like shake on my left foot for some reason it may go or it may stay. Who cares it’s who I am I certainly don’t hide from it , I don’t let it rule my life and to be honest I am far from undateable but to others they may argue , and if you put me against an equal in looks but a non limper with a foot that doesn’t think it’s Michael Flatley , I would probably come second in the dating choice even though she may be a complete bitch and as thick and two short planks.

What I love most about this programme is that every single one of them is remembered by us not for their disability but for how they touched us with their words and personality and ummmmmm a not so little something else if you saw Matthew this week. A prime example of not judging a book by it’s cover, because what lies beneath could be a huge surprise.

And if I ever get divorced Alex I am coming to get you ……

If you missed The Undateables or want to know what the hell I am running on about here is a clip of my Alex below


6 thoughts on “Undateables My Ass !!

  1. Hi, I’ve just found your blog via twitter and I had to comment on this post. It’s absolutely brilliant! 🙂 I adore the show but hate the name I have a disability (Cerebral palsy) and I’m far from undateable in fact i’d say I’m a catch 😉 haha No but seriously I love your blog! I’ve just followed you on bloglovin.
    Chelle xx

    1. Thanks chelle a fellow CP beauty. I know the name really annoys me it’s such a shame that they didn’t give it more thought.

      I will check out your blog too honey xx

      1. I know channel 4 seemed to of done a few documentaries without giving it much thought which is a shame like you said because they actually make some good stuff but the names put some people off and hope you enjoy my blog xx

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