Turning 40 the honest truth ???


I wanted to revise this old post and include this within Blogmas because I think that as we start a new year the tendency to critique ourselves is stronger than ever. So worrying about reaching a certain age milestone in 2016 could be leaving some of you feeling sad, scared and a little bit desperate.

There is a single algorithm that you can use to look fab in your forties. Which is this….

Look at yourself with honest eyes, the person staring back at you in the mirror will never be that 20’s something face you miss so much, so don’t lust after it accept the face you have now and vow to look after it well.

Critique yourself with honest realism, if your eyes look puffy and you look tired, assess your sleep routine, have you ever even used a product to care for this area it could be that you are not tired but your eye area is starting to age Your skin looks dull? Do you even exfoliate when is the last time you changed your skincare routine? Do you even have one?

Your hair looks unremarkable? When is the last time you asked your hairdresser for a change? No magic rejuvenation is going to happen over night without a little help from you being in deal will only lead to disappointment.

Dress yourself with an honest acceptance that your body has changed. What looked great ten years ago looked great ten years ago so lets leave it there. If you are smaller/ larger adapt your style to the body you have now and aim for the body you want if you are not happy. But do so safely and because YOU want the change.

Eat with an honest understanding that what you put in your body affects more than just your weight. Hair nails, skin, wellbeing is all determined by the nutritional content of our diets. Put crap in get crap out, quite literally I know but in this case visually too.

Honesty is the key to unlock a successful programme of change and you will need to change, just as education in school change and the need to up skill in the workplace, ageing and fighting that battle is no different products evolve and so should your routine.

There are plenty of iconic ladies in their forties out there showing us how it is done learn from them just like you did from your idols in your twenties.

So what are my secrets? I eat well, I indulge when the occasion requires it but I balance it out accordingly.

I do not drink any alcohol from January until June I detox for the summer and I feel great doing so.

I exercise well and don’t make allowances for being older. I work and push myself harder than the younger girls sat texting on the exercise bikes. I lift weights as heavy as some of the young lads and I get a look of respect for doing so. So don’t ever feel that you can’t get in the ring with the guys for fear of being mocked.

I take care of my skin and I treat it like its constantly evolving. I educate myself on new products and I listen to the reviews from others .

I maintain my hair well and I experiment in subtle ways I listen and take advice from my hairdresser before I make any dramatic changes and I listen to her honest feedback.

I dress to suit the body I have and make the most of accessories to keep me on trend.

I steer away from the superficial mind-set I had when I was younger.

So you see when you age you loose and you gain and by god the gains outweigh the losses by far.

Would I turn back the clock? In all honesty no I wouldn’t. Would I freeze it and stay in my 40’s Most definitely.

And when you consider the alternative of staying young this scares me more than getting older.

When I look at what the last ten years have given me I have to agree that I am a far richer person in body in mind than I ever was.

So you see there is no real secret, no wonder cream, no miracle you need just one thing and that is the right attitude and education.

Develop that and you are laughing all the way to MILF land.

I have also studied for a degree and just completed a further qualification this year as well as. All in my 40’s .So there is no need to worry about your brain getting older just yet anyway.


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