Toothpaste Only Better !!

Let’s get down to some oral …….

And no you haven’t stumbled across the over 40’s Babestation… or rather Old Maidstation, tonight I want to talk oral hygiene.


Now since having my fixed brace put on oral hygiene has never been far off my mind.A quick snack these days is like throwing a net into a trout lake a quick bite results in food being trapped and if you don’t act fast boy is that going to pong after a bit.

Needless to say I carry my travel toothbrush and toothpaste everywhere. But it does takes up valuable room in my bag and to keep buying the small travel ones is not cost effective as I use them so often.

So when I spotted that Lush Cosmetics had a product called Chou Chou I love you it got my attention.

Chou Chou I Love You is one of 7 different types of solid tooth paste. Yes you read that correctly SOLID toothpaste.

Each matchbox sized box contains 12g worth of tablets which you simply just crush between your front teeth and then brush as normal. Immediatly you can feel the toothpaste fizzing around your teeth it really feels like it’s getting between every crevice. You mouth feels super fresh after and this particular one tasted like Turkish Delight and left my breath smelling like roses .

They fit neatly into any makeup bag or you can decant a few into a pill pot and away you go. Even if you don’t want to us them everyday, for travel they are brilliant.

So with Valentines coming up then there is no better excuse than to keep a box on hand after all you never know whom you might be kissing.

And hey it’s also a great subtle way of telling somebody who is orally hygiene challenged to brush their god darn teeth.

With different flavours to choose from , there will be one to suit you. I for one am sold. Less waste in the recycling and no more messy dried up toothpaste tubes !!! Hallelujah

I am so glad that my curiosity brought me to these tablets and now I am wondering what else I can find that comes in a different form that does the same job but better ….. Oh hang on I can feel another blog coming on….

Up next … Why dogs are like men but better !!!!


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