To Blog or not to Blog … is it for you ???

Blogging is it for you ??? This is a question I asked myself many times before actually starting my own blog and to be honest I think it is a question that anybody considering starting out in the bloggersphere should ask themselves with an honest heart before starting out.

Starting too soon without any real content or inspiration will only leave you feeling disengaged and demotivated from the onset, you will throw in the towel pretty darn quick and probably never put digit to keyboard again. So if life is too busy for you to even practice what you preach then it’s probably best to wait until life cuts you some slack.

Starting with the idea that you will make lots of money and end up the next internet sensation will only leave you disappointed. A majority of people blog because it’s their passion to write, engage and hopefully inspire others. If you do make money through advertising it’s only going to be small amounts if however you remain focused consistent and dedicated then who knows what fame and fortune may or may not come your way. Personally nice messages I receive about my blog content mean more to me than revenue.

Thinking that you will get products sent you on a weekly basis to review and hoping that you will gain more free cosmetics than the cast of Towie get through in a seasons filming is not a reason to start. Why? Because it won’t happen if you are lucky enough to engage with a PR sometimes time the products never even arrive. In fact blogging does cost money because in my quest to educate I love to experiment with new products and releases so if you don’t have any expendable income then stick to Lifestyle blogs and stick with just the outlay of web hosting .

You are accountable for any words that you put in print for the world to view , and you will be judged on your comments . Some people may disagree and have an opposing view. If this would leave you seeing red and steam coming out of your keyboard as you tell them exactly where they can shove their opinion then wait until you are mature enough to understand that not everybody thinks the same and others have the freedom of speech too. This does however not mean that you should put up with abuse form others , but you will need life experience to own those bad boys and retain your credibility as a writer …. And yes you are a writer, you are a creator and you are an innovator. So if 2016 you decide to join us then make sure you know your market well , know your target audience and above all else know you are committed to the long game.


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