The Problem Solver – May Lindstrom Skin

The latest edition from May Lindstrom skin announced itself with a whole lotta claims, like the confident obnoxious opponent in the ring could this problem solving facemask really be the product to knockout all of it’s opponents??

The Problem Solver is a purifying mask composed of antioxidant-rich raw cacao, reparative bamboo charcoal and circulatory-boosting spices, which stimulate the elimination of toxins and help clear clogged pores.

It sounds great for those with “problem skin” and if I suffered from acne I would probably be chomping at the bit to try this out but I actually rarely get spots and when I do it’s only because of hormonal changes at that time of the month we all turn into psychopaths. At £72 for 250 ml it’s hardly within a teenagers budget so I figured that perhaps with that in mind there may also be some age defying solutions to be had, so I dug deep and took the plunge!

The first thing you notice about this product is the smell, its smells spicy. The second thing is the very finely milled charcoal powder which when you take the lid of produces a small plume of dust.


So immediately I became mystified about this very unusual product.

To activate the mask you take 1 tbs of the product and mix this with equal parts water. I used an old makeup powder brush and a small dish to mix this in. Once you start mixing its transforms into a light mousse like consistency.

The rest is easy. You simply apply this to your face gently working it in unit you look a bit like this ….


But be careful this stuff is messy and relax for 45 minutes. You may feel your skin start to warm up and tingle but don’t worry that’s just the ingredients giving your cells a kick up the ass . It will subside so stick with it and relax and the downtime.

May Lindstrom is an ex model and all of her products are designed not only to improve your skin but also your mind. So take those 45 minutes to relax and unwind while she does the rest.It’s not just about the product heeling your skin but also about you taking time to heal the mind.


After 45 minutes or when the mask is dry, gently wash the mask off.


This stuff is messy so keep anything white firmly away. In fact invest in a black towel purely for this purpose.

Once I had washed the mask off my face it certainly looked more luminous and felt amazing. It definitely looked smoother and I just like how it left my skin feeling.

I even made my husband use it and he also loved how it left his skin looking and feeling.

This pot will last a long time but I don’t think at £72.00 I would purchase again not because it was too expensive or ineffective, but because I think there are products better suited to my skin needs.

It does make for a love weekly detox and if you suffer from acne prone skin or redness then I think this product will be perfect for you.


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