Terrorism- Talking to our children

As yet another terrorist attack saturates the news and Social Media, most parents will at some point ask themselves and possibly others the question.

How do I begin to talk to my child about this?

The answer is simple you don’t. What you can do however is talk to your child about the factors, which have lead to terrorism and led to the recent event.

When a doctor treats an illness he looks at the symptoms (cause) by doing so he is better informed to draw a conclusion (diagnosis) and treat the patient

When trying to comprehend an issue, which manifest itself in many different forms understanding the cause, is key to helping you to understand its evolution. to present state.

Children need to be aware of what is going on around them, and you would rather you have that conversation, than them hear it from another child in the playground whom has perhaps not been so well equipped with the facts.

The last thing you want is your child growing up afraid of or showing prejudice towards a race or a religon. Don’t play the blame game, these mindless idiots are small groups whom by no means represent a particular race or religion it is important children understand this

So where do you start? Well like most things start with yourself.

Do you even understand where terrorism is born from, do you even mange your own concerns? ,

Explaining the word subjective is a good starter for ten, once they learn what this word means you can start to use it when talking about the reactions and thoughts of others.

The sad thing about the threat of terrorism is that it is now part of everyday life and something that we must all sadly live with.

But It’s not new , in fact believe it or not it has been around since the first century.

The twentieth century has seen it gather in both momentum and due to the advances in technology media coverage it’s everywhere.

It plays on the anxiety and fear of others and with such violent consequences it’s hard not to want to protect your child and shielding them away from potential harm.

What we need to do as parents is put things into perspective, the chances of our child getting hurt are slim. Preventing them from spreading their wings is not the answer. Your child may not have the same worries, as you so don’t assume that they will.

Your job is to make them feel safe and give them the opportunity to talk and ask questions The amount of detail you go into will naturally depend on their age but just being direct using simple terms and allowing them to ask questions whilst making them feel safe and cared about is all it really takes.

Don’t be afraid to talk to them about this subject , what is more frightening than terrorism to me is the thought of a child that can’t talk about their concerns. And if your child comes home and says “ Timmy said XXXX at school today “ don’t dismiss it, this could be your child’s way of opening up the conversation.

And always try to end the conversation on a positive note. Remember geography is a great tool in making a child realise just how far they are away from what is going on in the world.Remember what they see they will think is happening closer to them than it really is.


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