Straight teeth…. my journey

Two years ago I made the decision to get my teeth straightened. For me this meant adult braces, my teeth were not suitable for Invisalign so this meant that I would need fixed braces. Now these days having braces, as a child is way cooler than it ever was when I was younger in fact it’s almost fashionable to have . But as an adult it is not quite so cool.

On the morning of the appointment I almost pulled out I already knew that it was highly likely that I would be wearing braces for two years possibly even longer. Could I really commit to the long haul? Once I started there was no going back. But I really wanted those crooked teeth straight !!!


I convinced myself that the results would totally be worth it and therefore off I went to get wired up. I spent over an hour in the dentist chair my mouth clamped open whilst he applied the brackets and then he dropped the bomb, “ We need to make a gap at the front for the tooth to move forward , and I am therefore going to have to fit a spring at the front to force the two teeth apart “. WTF !!! Now at this point I was in no position to argue because.

a) I had my mouth clamped wide open rendering me virtually speechless.
b) I didn’t really have a clue what the heck he was actually going on about
c) You don’t argue with or upset the man responsible for creating your new smile.

So after an hour or so I emerge from the dentist with a mouth full of plastic and some unexpected metal. Now at this point the brace was the least of my concerns as now I had a great big metal spring spanning the front of my teeth. My once discreet white brackets were covered with metal. The spring also made my lip stick out like Mo from The Simpsons, OMG what had I done??????


At first I felt incredibly self-conscious and explained to everybody that I spoke to that I was wearing a brace. I mean like I actually had to point it out , it was there for all to see, like a flashing neon vacancy sign at a hotel on a remote American highway.

I woke up AJ and left the dentist looking like a science experiment. Okay that’s a bit far fetched but it adds to the drama okay .

Let me tell you now eating with a fixed brace should be done behind a screen or closed doors . You end up with 50% of it stuck in your brackets , spending the entire meal trying not to feel humiliated as you converse with your dining partner with your hand strategically placed in front of your mouth shielding the carnage.

Your toothbrush becomes your best friend, you never go anywhere without it. In fact your toothbrush becomes life. Toothbrush Is BAE, toothbrush is dignity!!

It can be painful, after each wire change you feel like the dentist just kicked you In the mouth it hurts like heck and eating is just plain torture for a few days. But …… then things start moving and you start to see your teeth changing shape and it’s the greatest feeing ever. It happens quickly too, you notice the difference in as little as two weeks after having your braces fitted.

As the dentist takes care of the major movements, you go through different stages, sometimes you have a gap and then you don’ t have a gap and then you have a gap again.





And then after all major movements have finished doing the hokey cokey you enter the alignment stage.

Cue the tiny rubber bands… Now this is the point at which you loose the plot as you walk around with elastic bands running from the top set of teeth down to the bottom set of teeth. Be warned they snap sometimes mid conversation too, and I promise it’s never awkward fishing the snapped rubber out of the side of your mouth or extracting them from the hair of your friend.

You end up finding those bad boys everywhere and I mean everywhere I had mine removed in August and I am still finding them now.



But by this point you don’t care because everything is coming together quite literally, and if you were sensible like me you would have taken pictures every six weeks to map your progress.

By now you are feeling pretty darn good about things. The results are shining through, you have become accustomed to being a brace wearer and you have realised that there are actually more adult brace wearers out there than you realise. The affinity you feel when you see another brace wearer is real!! You know the journey they are on and there is that appreciative nod of acknowledgment as your paths cross.

So after years of fishing food out of your mouth, hitting people in the eye with rubber bands and periodically talking like Daffy Duck the eventually arrives to get those bad boys removed.

The day I had mine removed I was just as excited as a child at Christmas, and so was my dentist. You see they live the journey with you and today is the day they get to reveal their talent to you. The removal process takes a while and then there is the fine filing process and last minute tweaks to make that smile as perfect as you had hoped it would be.

So when he handed me the mirror I was gobsmacked (only this time not by one of my rubber bands), the results were spectacular all that time spent wearing braces had totally paid off. My teeth looked like they had chomped their way straight trough a toothpaste commercial and into my mouth.


The only maintenance I have now is wearing a retainer at night, a plastic gum shield that will prevent my teeth from trying to move back. I have a retainer fixed to the back of my teeth in addition to this, so if I forget my retainer for one night it won’t do any harm.

I am so glad I made the choice to go ahead with my appointment that day. And going through the whole fixed brace things makes me feel like I have really earned my smile. I would do it again in a heartbeat.


If you are local to Peterborough I highly recommend my Orthodontist Romeo Young. He really is a perfectionist and one of the nicest men wielding a drill you will ever meet. He is charming kind and an all round perfectionist. My results speak for themselves.

If you want to make an appointment for a consultation with Romeo call 01733 340005


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