delay or postpone action; put off doing something.

We all do it right ? But to what extreme ? And is this our way of not facing the fact that we lack the intention to work when it comes to certain things ?

Self regulation and the way in which we manage our own time is a real problem for those of us whom are impulsive .Impulsivness and procrastination both go hand in hand the good news is that it is in fact because they have the same genetic makeup !!!

Bad news is that your excuse to delay just ran out as you can actually do something about it.

So you have a deadline you have to complete but as usual you procrastinate right up to the very point it becomes critical . Therefore in order not to fail you leave it until the last minute and complete the job in hand.

So how can we use this example to aid us procrastinators into submission?

The key is to create artificial deadlines in your head. Starting off with small achievable ones and then gradually work your way up to larger scale tasks.

But be careful of distractions you need to control them as well.

Keep using this method and before you know it the urge to procrastinate will become less and you will have developed a great approach at dealing with that initial urge to delay.

A new habit will have formed and before you know it productivity is through the roof.

When someone asked Ernest Hemingway how to write a novel, his response was “First you defrost the refrigerator.”…….

We all love a reward so when you start to tackle the things deemed as more difficult instead of listing them on that dust gathering to do list, reward yourself afterwards.If you need help ask for it involving others may get the job done quicker and hey you may even have fun doing it.


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