Stop blogging your life away.

It’s been a while since I blogged, and this isn’t a blog to say sorry because I don’t feel I have to apologise.

I will however blog to explain my absence and the only reason I am doing so is because I see so many fellow bloggers expressing on social media how unfulfilled they feel when they haven’t blogged.

Now I get this to a degree when you have spent a lot of time effort not to mention costs into making your blog the best it can be the last thing you want to do is subtract any value from it. I get that, I really do, what I cannot agree with or understand is when it becomes so much of an issue it becomes a stigma when you don’t blog.

Many things have prevented me from blogging for the last couple of weeks, work, free time, midway through testing products, and more importantly the decision not to through my own choice.

At times I have chosen not to blog in order to spend time with my son who is growing up far quicker than any mum would like . Soon the time he wants to spend being stupid with his mum, going out on our little date days will be less frequent. My blog isn’t going anywhere fast but he is.

As the toys get replaced with gadgets and as fashion eventually replaces the gadgets then cars and a social life overtake the gadgets the quality time we get together will start to fade.

So with this in mind I choose not to fill my time looking at a screen but to spend it looking into those eyes that looked so deeply into mine after birth, confused and dazed by the big new world he could now see.

I have watched those eyes cry, laugh, look confused sad excited and sometimes scared. And as they get older those eyes will gradually look elsewhere for support. A best mate, a girlfriend and eventually his wife and his own children.

I lost my own dad at the age of 29, oh how I wish I had more time to spend with him and I am pretty sure that wherever he is now he would have given anything to have spent more time with me and the grandchild her never got to know.

Work and life can be stressful, probably more so now than it ever has been before. We seek solace in a way that leads us away from the real things in life , the things that can put the true meaning of life into perspective.

So I have chosen to find a happy medium and so if my blogs are less frequent it’s because I’m out having fun with those I hold dear.

Catch up with your friends more often , do things that make you smile, take risks, be kind, be happy, work hard, play hard and care less about what people think of you.

Remember that personal change doesn’t occur in a single static event but over a period of time. When you stop to reflect you can see how far you have come. Your greatest asset in life isn’t your talent but your ideas .

Don’t let people gradually become somebody you use to know. Soon everything we do and have done will be forgotten. Nobody will remember us, nobody will remember that time you never blogged for a month or that great review you posted of the latest MAC foundation.So you see there is absolutely no reason not to be the person you want to be through fear of being remembered for a single mistake. It just won’t happen we all get forgotten eventually.

The freedom from un-hibiting yourself will see the rewards lasting a lifetime.

And one day our children will realise that parents are just flawed vulnerable people doing their best, whilst often not knowing what the hell they are doing.

And I want mine to remember me not from my blog but from the time we played dares in the supermarket, threw things at people in the cinema. Drove down the road honking the horn at everybody and anybody. Broke the rules , laughed at our mistakes , cried at stupid videos , made stupid videos and quietly feared the day that all this would end.



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