Speak properly or shut up !!

This is a ranting post , I should probably just take some Evening Primrose oil or something and lie down, but then where would that leave you all ? How could I fail to educate you with my hormonally charged words.

Now I work really hard to raise my son to speak proper English , good grammar is not only a sign of a well raised child but also respectful to our beautiful and world renowned language. I admit to correcting him when he fails to “pronounce his t’s” and “drops his h” etc … ( much to my husbands annoyance ). And although he certainly does not sound like he has a plumb in his mouth he doesn’t sound like he is gargling s*** either.

Until that is our ever influential You Tube starts start talking what I determine to be ” Baby Language ”

Take for example our very English middle class Fleur Du Force , now she speaks clearly with good diction, until that is she starts describing her day as being very “Cray Cray ” ( really crazy ) and referring to something as redonkelous ( ridiculous ) What the eff ???

Let’s not forget ” way cray” which is even crazier than ” Cray Cray ”

It’s not just Fleur Du Force, just watch a few of the other popular You Tubers , it’s awash with these annoying Urban Dictionary terms JKJK ( Just kidding ) ,WIWWY ( what is wrong with you )

No this is not “Hilar” ( hilarious ) neither is it “totes adorbs” (totally adorable). If you want to broaden your vocabulary learn another language that will actually benefit you later in life.

I have interviewed plenty of people for jobs and I have to admit if one sat in front of me and spouted.

“Yeah I am used to cray cray days and totes agree that staying focused is key to awesome sauce ”

My face would be like this …


Every year something new gets added to this ever-expanding vocabulary and part of my soul dies…

It’s like a baby whom cannot pronounce the whole word yet , and given the fact that our wonderful English language has developed over the past 1,400 years or more , are we doomed to live amongst a future generation of infantile speaking adults ??

Okay I can see how it’s fun, and I can personally recall using “brill ” and “skill” and “mega” an awful lot in the 1980’s. But when I hear adults in their mid to late 20’s using it , I can’t help but think no no no no and no stop this right now !!!

Okay rant over , as you were…. I am going to have a nice cup of tea using a cup and saucer and nurture my terribly British attitude towards the English Language whilst improving upon my own passive constructions , interrogatives and auxiliary verbs.


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