Six Months to Get a Life. (Book Review)

If you are in your 30’s/ 40’s married with a family at some point in your midlife life you will have wondered … What if it all goes wrong and I am left faced with the prospect of having to wade through the dating scene once gain. That’s without all of the complications that rear their ugly heads whilst co-parenting.

Six Months To Get A Life by Ben Adams is a daily account of 6 months within the post separation period of Graham Hope and his ex wife Helen. Faced with moving back in with his parents Graham makes a promise to himself that within the six months leading to his next birthday he will find himself a “life” once again.

Uniquely written and tackling subjects such as insecurity, finance, loss, friendships, honour and stability this book will have you gripped from the very first page. We can all relate to elements of Graham’s life and the relationships he has with others.

As a father his heart is torn between doing what’s right against what’s feel right at that point in time. As a friend he finds himself looking deeper into the hearts and minds of those he previously gave less time to and as a lover he finds himself analysing every conversation and doubting every choice he makes from clothing to commitment.

And whilst the book is written with humour at its core it still sends across a deep enough messages to make you think.

With it’s thought provoking twists and turns. There I no doubt that Six Months To Get A Life am a book of life lessons cleverly disguised by Ben Adams as a lighthearted six-month diary account of a man f who quite frankly has fallen on his ass.

The back cover even contains a warning…

If you are looking for a sanctimonious self-help book then, Six Months to Get a Life is not for you………

The irony of it is that this book is cathartic. Cleverly cathartic, in fact I am surprised that Graham never actually met a lady called Cath Hartec.

Ben you missed a trick there.

Whether you are looking for a lighthearted read, something to relate to or just a portal to loose yourself in for a while then this book has it all.

If you loved Adrian Mole as a kid then Graham Hope is your adult transition.

I would love to see this as the first in a Trilogy about Graham…

Six Months to Get a Wife

Six Months to the Afterlife.

Over to you Ben.

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