A Sex Toy Which Is Great For Your Hair ???

Now this may look a bit like a sex toy , and in fact my husband thought it was one especially as it was delivered inside a box which states “ Everyone Should Feel Unique” inside the lid !!!

Now it this appeals to you then you are going to get double use out of this beauty, but for heavens sake please wait until you have used all of the product inside before poking it at your gibbly bits…

The S Factor range from Tigi has been around for quite a few years so I am surprised that I am only just getting around to trying this out for the first time. My first purchse from this range came as a result of persuing the Feel Unique sales pages and seeing this was on offer. I am always looking for products which can improve the look and condition of my hair especially as it is blombre and needs a bit more TLC.

In the intrests of a fair review I have waited unti I have used the product a few times before taking digits to keyboard , so here I am ready to spill the beans to you all………

The smoothing lusterizer smells like strawberries and cream and the light cross between a serum and a cream I shall call it a scream…. Has a lovely sparking glitter to it. I refrained from covering my body in the shimmer and used a ten pence piece sized amount on my wet locks. It did not feel heavy , sticky or greasy and was easy to comb though to the ends. Using this and a heat protection spray only, ( always use a heat protection spray ) I was overjoyed at the results my har was left looking and feeling silky soft with no flyaway ends or frizzy midlengths with a definite gloss to it.

In the pictures below I am wearing no hairspray or styling product, this is just the results from using this on wet hair.




You can of course use this on dry hair also which I am yet to try , but I will be making a conscious effort to do so this week to see if it can look the same in between washes.

I am so impressed with this product that I have now purchased the Serious Conditioner from the same range via Feel Uniques website….. link below


Be warned though ladies you will not leave the site with an empty basket.

I have to say the service is great and this time I have 2 free samples arriving as I spent over £30.00.

Oh and if you want to use the bottle for errrrr other things don’t blame me if you end up in your local A&E and find yourself trying to explain how you “ fell on it “ to a rather embarrassed junior doctor.


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