Seriously WTF Vloggers ?

I was going to write a blog about an alternative Christmas gift guide , I beagn to note things down and them became bored , then I realise if I was bored writing it then you would most certainly be bored reading it. So then I got to thinking about other popular blogging/vlogging themes which I really don’t buy into or even understand .

Imagine the scene. You’re on a bus the lady next to you starts rummaging in her bag, you notice her doing this and she spots you looking.

“Would you like to see what’s in here my dear?” She asks.

Now at this point you are 10 seconds away from tweeting … Crazy lady on the bus next to me, wants to show me the contents of her bag #wtfcrazylady.

So let’s be honest that would be pretty weird I can just see your faces now as the lady in question pulls out her old tissues , endless receipts , sweet wrappers , an old utility bill , a brush full of old hair, a few lipsticks a packet of mints and a purse that has seen better days. Imagine then if she went on to explain when and where she purchased the purse and gushed for a full on five minutes on how functional it was and awwwww look she even has a section to display a picture of her puppy.

Now repeat the same exercise but this time the contents are contained within a designer bag and the lady showing you isn’t sat on a bus she is on her bed surrounded by fairy lights and talking into a camera, she’s a vlogger /You Tuber .

The bag contents are more or less the same but in addition to we now have a spare battery pack and a camera, oh and the standard rail ticket for a “meeting in London “ The meeting of course is top secret but you will find out in six months so stay tuned …..

Now suddenly it isn’t weird at all in fact it is highly interesting information… only it isn’t is it?

Let’s be honest it is pretty weak content churned out to let you all feel privileged to see what your favourite You Tuber /Blogger carries around all day , which to be honest is going to be 80% the same as you do . I just don’t get it, but I am pretty sure if they repeated the exercise with what’s in my kitchen bin there would be thousands that would tune in .

I can see myself now sat with a dreamy backdrop of fairy lights marigold’s to hand (where to purchase these would be linked below obviously) I would pull out my weekly trash as you all look on in awe at my banana skins, tea bags, remnants of last evening’s dinner, empty toilet rolls , shampoo bottles and assess my financial status according to where I shop. Naturally this is ridiculous and I hope would never actually happen , but I dare bet you that if Zoella and co produced this content it would receive views. And no doubt sales of whatever washing powder she used and discarded would rocket. And this is the part of vlogging/blogging culture that I just cannot grasp.

Another pet hate is “What I ate Wednesday” … now unless you are a health guru and I am interested in your nutritional content why on earth would I want to know what you ate for goodness sake.Seriously I am good just happy knowing that you eat thanks .

Let’s go back to the woman on the bus analogy if she suddenly started a fifteen minute run down on what she ate on a Wednesday you would be freaked out.

So having worked this around in my head far longer than I should have done I have narrowed it down to this conclusion.

Obsessions are created as a result of our addictions.Addictions are created from things we do habitually, habitual things are usually the things we get joy from. So basically if that person makes you feel happy and you you frequently indulge in watching them on You Tube , then a review on a 6 pack of walkers will draw you in.

Gosh I feel old……


3 thoughts on “Seriously WTF Vloggers ?

  1. ahahaha omg i love watching Youtube but you’ve just made me overthink like what’s so good about it, it’s just the same person talking about boring stuff but I love it for some odd reason! I loved this post so much proper made me laugh

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