September Favourites

Firstly can I just say…….

So September acted as the springboard into Autumn and saw us all going potty over pumpkins, and I for one was no different.

I picked up quite a few of these seasonal delights at TK Maxx whom you can always rely on to satisfy that candle fetish that lurks inside us all .

Pumpkin Delights

Both of these candles leave your home smelling super seasonal and with a rich spicy aroma containing notes of cinammon,nutmeg and the sweetest brown sugar you get a warm and cozy aroma. In fact you could fool your neighbours into thinking you’re baking sweet treats.

TK Maxx have such a great array of pumpkin scented candles in store so I guess my love for the candles is more about the smell than the individual products themselves , although both of these look very pretty and expensive on display, but at under £6 each it did not break the bank. So naturally I purchased a third.


All candles burn well and evenly and attract a harem of witches at your back door every night!!! Oooooooo Matron.

As we move into a new season it’s time to reevaluate that skincare routine and as we start to face colder weather, stronger winds, cranked up central heating and if you’re like me the car heaters blowing warm air straight into your face for the journey to work then you are going to have to start taking a bit more care. I have been using balm cleansers for some time so when I ran out of my last cohort I decided to try something different as part of my seasonal change.

Loreal Pure Clay Purity Wash

Not only does this product smell like you have purchased it from a swanky spa it shifts makeup in one clean sweep, leaving your skin feeling like not only have you just cleansed your face but toned it too. I noticed a visible difference in my skin after just one single use, it really is that good.

Affordable at £5.99 as well although I do have to say I would be happy paying four times that price for this product’s so good.

So if you want to detox your skin daily and create a super soft base for your make-up I highly recommend that you try this.

Like supermarkets and utility suppliers I am never loyal to shampoos I am a firm believer in switching things up before you hair gets use to the product. I do however believe in spending more than a couple of pounds on the product that I am investing in.The OGX range is not super expensive but it’s not cheap either. I opted for the Tea Tree Mint Shampoo and Conditioner, having extensions my scalp can get a little dry so the thought of some soothing Tea Tree seemed like a good choice.

I do have to say that the bottle used by this range is not the easiest and it can be a bit of a chore squeezing the shampoo out. It does however smell AMAZING and has improved the dryness of my scalp. It leaves my hair feeling soft and smelling sweet.

As we move into October I cannot begin to tell you how excited how I am to pull on some cosy knits and transition my wardrobe into the new seasons autumn fashion. I found these boots on Zara’s website and immediately fell in love.

Nice boots them shoes 11

Shoeboots … is it a high shoe is it a mini ankle boot who cares… I love them… they look great with trousers they look great with skirts they are comfortable stylish and everybody should have a pair.You can wear them to the club,the office,the pub hell you can wear them to bed if you wanna.

But them here

I hope you have enjoyed my September favourites. Swing by and say hello in the comments.


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