The secret makeup artists won’t tell you.

If you are anything like me, there is nothing you like more in winter than to be cosy and warm. My radiators are set to tropical temperatures and the vents in the car are blowing so much hot air onto my face that driving along singing to the radio I look like a cheesy 80’s pop star.

Not tried that one yet? Then you haven’t lived.

So it really isn’t that surprising that my poor skin soon gets as dry as a desert in a short space of time. Goodbye flawless make-up look HELLO Patchy McPatchyson.

Now you may or may not know ( if you don’t know shame on you ) that the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant is the holy grail in dealing with such issues as chapping, peeling , windburn ( thanks to your in car wind machine and love of cheesy ballads ) , sunburn and cracked lips. A little goes a long way and it actually looks great as a lip gloss too. It is a permanent fixture in my hand bag and I love it. The orange coloured balm applies easily but does have a kind of weird smell to it I must say.

Elizabeth Arden 8 hr Skin Protectant

But …. What the make-up artists and celebrities won’t tell you is that they actually use this much cheaper and just as effective alternative.

Hello Homeoplasmine by Boiron.

Image  taken from Ebay

My Homeoplasmine

They all LOVE it and I do to !!!! I actually purchased my well-loved tube abroad as you can see. This little beauty does everything the Elizabeth Arden Eighth Hour Skin Protectant does but for a lot less money leaving you with more money to spend on whatever your heart desires. Homeoplasmine is a homeopathic healing ointment which also boasts antiseptic qualities it’s made by a French company called Boiron and used by pretty much every make-up artist going. It has no scent YEY!! So you don’t get that odd smell like you do with the Elizabeth Arden 8 hr cream which is a godsend what with your lips being located right under your nose. Homeoplasmine applies matte and soaks into your skin beautifully and at a third of the price of its rival for doing the exact same job what’s not to love about it.

I highly recommend that you purchase this product and build it into your winter skin care routine, some people even apply it daily before make-up instead of a primer. You can pop it on your face and lips before you go to bed and leave it to kiss your skin and lips goodnight leaving you to wake up skin fresh with it feeling and looking moisturised. No more Patchy Mc Patchyson just glowing hydrated flawless skin for the winter months.

You can purchase this online direct with Boiron. The best price I found was on good old Amazon.

If you have children this will also work on those mild abrasion which kids love to fashion on their knees elbows and chins so with this in your bag you will be a great mum too.

So what are you waiting for crank open those vents and stay warm this winter without the worry.

Now do excuse me whilst I hide from all of the make-up artists under my electric blanket.



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