Secret Hair Extensions -Review

It’s fair to say that what I have now is what I am left with.

Many years ago (12 to be precise) I had a full head of hair extensions applied the strip ones that they basically superglue to your hair. A month later I fell pregnant and could no longer tolerate the upkeep so out they came. So as you see my first experience of hair extensions was an epic fail.

Towards the end of last year however I started to think about having them in again and initially opted for some of the Hair Rehab London clip in ones. At just over £100 they wasn’t cheap however the colour match was good and they were easy to apply, however I was so self conscious that you would see the clips, and my hand would constantly be drawn to my crown ensuring my hair was smooth and no tell tale signs poked through. So my relationship with this type of extension ended as abruptly as the first.

I did however love having the length and fullness, which came with them, so threw caution to the wind and decided to try some NANO RINGS ring extensions.

Now all I had to do was find the right place to have them put in. A name, which kept cropping up during searches was Secret Hair Extensions, now the name alone was enough to have me reaching for the phone to book a consultation. Hair extensions which are that good they remain secret… YES. My long hair prayers could have finally been answered.

Secret Hair Extensions have two shops one in Kings Lynn, Norfolk and one in Leeds, but the whole range (and there is a lot) is available to purchase online HERE

I decided to go for a half head Nano Rings rings, my hair was already well below my shoulders and I was rocking an ombre colour so I thought this would enhance it even further. The micro ring method uses no heat and glue and is much easier to maintain as your hair grows. The special keratin tip used with the Secret Hair copper micro rings also means that they won’t get broken down by hair products, heat styling or oil from the hair and scalp.

At the consultation the staff were helpful, knowledgeable gave great advice and took their time matching the colours to obtain a very natural result.

I have a mix of warm blondes with some light blondes running through and as my hair has grown my wonderful hairdressers has taken the dark roots slightly further down which also means less bleach for my natural locks.I also found them to be much nicer quality than the Hair rehab London extensions

The salon itself was welcoming, It takes a good few hours so the atmosphere counts but they think of everything and a TV and Netflix is at your disposal so the time just flies by. I absolutely loved my results and although initially it feels strange and slightly uncomfortable to sleep on the first night by night three you really can’t feel them.

Having extensions has been a godsend for me, and secret hair extensions use such high quality 100% human Remy hair that they also hold the curl really well so my curls last at least three days meaning that I have also cut down on the heat styling.

Remy hair is collected in such a method that has the cuticles are all going in one direction which means they are easier to maintain which means as long as you look after them and keep up your 6 weeks hair maintenance sessions (as your hair grows the rings move down so they are taken out and moved back up) you can expect the hair to last 6 months or even longer.

I have a natural result and you can’t tell I even have them in which makes me one happy lady.


Look after your hair extensions and they will look after your bank balance. You will need to use Paraben Free Shampoos and Conditioners and always use a heat protector when styling (that goes without saying). Secret Hair Extensions have their own range of products available to purchase in store or on line HERE. I use the Protein Spray it offers great protection as well as smelling amazing.

I can’t imagine not having them in now, after a while you convince yourself it’s you own hair as it just feels and looks so natural.

The queen of extensions Katie Price has recently started using them and celebrity hairdresser Carl Bembridge is a huge fan. Check him out on Intsagram @carlbembridgehair

Go visit can visit Secret Hair Extensions website

Or drop them a line

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Disclaimer: I have not been paid to write this post and it is not sponsored.

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