Scent …sational

My first blog post back is one to send your sensory preceptors into overdrive.

I have always had a preference for strong smelling perfumes ones that make a bold impression remaining in the air long after you have exited the room.

In the spirit of trying something new (and the fact I had some time to kill in Duty Free) I decided to throw myself nostrils deep into the mystic world of fragrance.

So with this in mind my choice had to reflect something about me as well as smelling great.

So after dismissing half a dozen helpful shop assistants, (I needed to discover this by myself) and avoiding all my usual suspects I began to notice my senses responding to fragrances which had a slightly earthy tone with woody notes. I must have smelt at least ten, which fitted this description however two, stood out like a country mile and just kept drawing me back.

The chosen ones

Tom Ford Nior Extreme (for men) and Gucci Oud.

These two fragrances unlike any fragrances that I had previously owned had risen above the stimulatory overload and got my attention.

Tom Ford Nior Extreme. £82.50 100 ml

This perfume is a real head turner. If a fragrance could be bossy then this would definitely tick that box. This is a male fragrance but definitely smells more feminine than not.

This male fragrance has top notes of Mandarin Oil, Bitter Orange Oil, Ginger Extract and Bergamot, which blend into the heart of Rose, Jasmine, Orange Blossom and Indian Kulfi, all above a base of Vanilla, Amber, Australian Sandal Wood and Lentisque Resinoid.

It’s extravagant and bold and if you can dare to be different and a little bit mysterious then this will get you noticed for all the right reasons. And even better male fragrances seem to hang around that bit longer so you have greater longevity.

Gucci Oud £110 for 50 ml

This sophisticated and opulent perfume has scents of pear, raspberry and saffron. This leads through to a center of rose and orange blossom. A rich oriental base closes the fragrance providing a mysterious aroma.

It’s dark mysterious and unusual, it actually smells slightly leathery and that’s what kept drawing me back to it. The unusual twist that kept you guessing, one that will keep people thinking long after you has left their side. It has great longevity and will literally last all day.

After my first choice you won’t be surprised to hear that this can actually be work by both men and women. With an intense version launched last year aimed at the Unisex fragrance market.

So why not dare to be different over the Summer and try something out of the ordinary. After all she who dares wins……


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