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It is funny how scents in whatever form can make us feel better and be used to create a certain mood or provoke a certain feeling. This time of year we scour the shops for the most appropriately scented candle to match the mood we wish to create there is nothing better than a cosy evening in the warm, with that candle filling the room with a scent that takes you another place.

And that’s exactly what we do when we choose our perfume, as we stand testing an array of perfumes in search of The One. In our minds we have already subconsciously chosen when we will wear it. Unless of course you are a signature scent person whom will stick to the one favourite and have it as part of their brand. Perfume has its position in fashion and society so it’s important to wear it well.

I’m however am not ,I choose the perfume I wear according to what I am doing that day and the impression I want to create. I have work perfumes, weekend perfumes, going out perfumes and daytime perfumes. I even have a blogging perfume it’s called “ Holy crap just get to the point Aj “, This perfume has undertones of talking to much !!!!

But seriously when it comes to bath products I like citrus fresh and when it comes to perfumes there is a hint of this present too. Okay so let me talk you through my favourites and when I like to wear them.

First up…. Vera Wang Princess.

This is my chosen perfume for work. This perfume with vanilla undertones makes you feel as pretty as the bottle in comes in. It is great for everyday and won’t overpower your colleagues. It is  far better to leave the room with them remembering your words instead of reaching for the Anadin Extra as soon as you have gone . The bottle looks pretty on your shelf too and it won’t break the bank although it might break your toe if you drop it on it I have and it hurts.

Imagine Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates but not with a broken toe that’s just wrong

Next up…..Thierry Mulger Alien.

Along with all Thierry Mulger perfumes this fragrance comes in a refillable bottle so when you run out it’s cheaper to replace. I get so many compliments when I wear this perfume. My chosen scent for daytime wear this perfume with its powerful scent really does give you a spring in your step. It has an intoxicating fragrance that attracts attention so you will too. You don’t need a lot so this will last you ages. With strong jasmine undertones Alien is warm and powerfully feminine. I know just like me .

Imagine Samantha in Sex in The City.

Over to another Theirry Mulger which I adore….. Womanity.

This is great for a night out on the town. People will be smelling you long after you have left .And in the fight to be recognised amongst all the other scents filling the room this one really is the Mike Tyson of the perfume world. This scent will floor all of the others in seconds and go the full ten rounds leaving you smelling as great when you return home as you did when you left.

Think Pied Piper, as perfume enthusiasts stalk you all night breathing in your gorgeousness.

Dipping his designer toe into the perfume world I present Michael Kors and…… Glam Jasmine.

Great for a weekend away this fragrance will leave you remembering those special moments again and again with each spray. This perfume speaks femininity and once again with Jasmine undertones this fragrance will last the duration. As the name suggests this perfume will leave you feeling glamourous….. Stop it now I can’t put a just like me in here too.

Think Julia Roberts in Notting Hill.

Over to, Narciso Rodriguez….. For Her.

This perfume is new to my collection but I have included it because it has great potential to remain sitting with my favourites. The American Fashion Designer has produced a sensual perfume that with woody undertones feels all kinds of romantic. It’s the type of perfume your man would probably choose for you if he smelt it ( until he saw the price that is ) . As the name suggests it’s a perfume that symbolises being a woman and the greatness that comes with it. One that men will comment on because they just won’t be able to help themselves.

Think Classical Beauty that never seems to age Helen Mirren.

And I have left my favourite of all of my perfumes to the end.

All rise for Chanel… Coco Mademoiselle.

I will be wearing this lots this season as it really is a winter perfume. Its strong scent is sweet bold and with patchouli undertones It cannot do any wrong in my eyes. Think bold, daring and a perfume with a lot to say think……. I if I had a perfume that would be my signature scent this would be it.

Okay I hope you enjoyed my perfume porn. Here is a picture of some perfumes I purchased and ended up disliking. I must have been either drunk when I brought them, had a cold or to put it simply liked the bottle.

perfume 1

Now for some Perfume Don’ts

Buy into media hype all because everybody else is wearing it, it may not suit you or your style. You may like Beyoncé’s music but her perfume might smell like her tour bus!!!!

Keep the same one as you get older .Change your perfume with your style and age if I hadn’t I would still be wearing anything I could steal off my mother’s vanity unit, then Vanderbilt then Eternity. I am not wearing leg warmers anymore so why the heck would I wear a perfume from that old era.

Try it in store. Take the sample home with you won’t get the clarity you need. If you must then take some coffee beans with you it acts like sorbet for your nose it will cleanse it ready for that next spray.

Leave the house to make your purchase without knowing the difference between Toilette, Partum and Cologne.

Spray your clothes it might stain you fool.

Perfume do’s.

Apply some Vaseline to your skin where you spray the perfume prior to application it will make the perfume last longer.

Apply it to pulse points.

Buy all the perfumes I have recommended and anoint me as your god.


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