Salt lamps , and a healthy son.

Something weird happened in the bathroom this morning , I caught my ten year old son admiring his face in the mirror.

And then he turned to me and said..

Why does my skin look so perfect, like I have been airbrushed or something ?

My eyes went straight to my shelf of expensive face creams and I had visions of him doing a Kevin McCallister at the sink with my Chanel Serum.


I was about to tied him to a chair and question him under a spot light….

And then it dawned on and with a smug expression I hit him with it.

Sweetie you know since the New Year began mummy has been feeding you super healthy snacks and food and we have really restricted the junk in your trunk…. well that is the results staring back at you !!

I could almost hear a harpsicle of Angels as he took another look smiled and said.

It’s working then mummy

To be honest you wouldn’t expect a ten year old to notice the difference in their complexion but then again he’s the son of a beauty blogger and when the house is full of skin creams lotions and potions and his mother experiments with more face products than is neither normal nor healthy I guess it’s hard not to take an interest.

I have to be honest It has meant more work for me. Getting home from a long day at work and cooking from fresh healthy ingredients daily for the whole family, whilst still maintaining variety means lots of planning. It also means sourcing healthy school snacks that will still keep his energy levels up throughout the day and not leave him hungry and lapsing in concentration.

I am lucky that since he was a child he has drank lots of water and he enjoys it . We didn’t give him any squash when he was small and he only had his first fizzy drink two years ago.So thankfully that is a battle I don’t have to enter into.

When he is 18 and off to University returning home with spots due to his poor nutritional intake I shall show him this blogpost and present him with a basket full of Kiehls skincare products a heathy cook book and a kick up his ass.

It really isn’t that expensive to do, so the argument that you cannot afford to eat fresh produce really is a weak excuse. Supermarket chains have such great offers on fruit and veg and let’s not forget the local market. You don’t have to be the greatest cook either there are lots of books with simple nutritious meals that you can almost make blindfolded.

And there is something else which I have introduced to his life with great results and that is a Salt Lamp.


Made from Himalayan Crystal Salt Rock these lamps have huge Natural Therapeutic benefits.

Salt lamps eliminate positive irons in the atmosphere, the main culprits of which are computers , tv’s ,electric heaters,microwaves,hoovers,dryers and radios.Positive irons are harmful as they deteriorate the condition of the air we breathe, resulting in a negative effect on our physical and emotional state.

How does a Salt Lamp help ? The Crystal produces negative irons and removes the nasty positive ones from the air. Leaving your room with clean air to breathe in , the warm glow of the lamp helps to boost this process.

I purchased two from Amazon and placed one in our bedroom and one in Morgans next to his computer. You should leave them on all of the time but I can’t sleep unless the room is pitch black so I turn mine off as I get into bed at night and switch it back on when I wake up the next day when I wake up feeling fresh/

Morgan however has his lamp on all of the time and he now wakes up feeling so much more alert and awake than he ever did before.I no longer have to nag at him as he stumbles half awake into the kitchen for breakfast because he is up and at them before me.

Aside from this there are numerous other health benefits which you can find HERE

They are not expensive at all and they actually look really rather cool and give off a lovely cosy glow.

I think I will be getting another for the kitchen to keep me super healthy whilst I am in there keeping the family super healthy too.

Does anybody else have a Salt Lamp ? How has it benefited you ?


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