Rolling Back The Years.

Derma Rolling…Kim Kardashian swears by it as does Victoria Beckham. But can rolling 540+ tiny needles over your face daily really improve your complexion and reduce those fine lines, scars and wrinkles like the process claims?

Naturally I had to find out, already a fan of Botox having needles in my face is something I have grown somewhat accustomed over the last few years so my no pain no gain attitude was already on my side. I firstly began by researching which products on the market were the best. Derma rolling works by creating thousands of tiny channels in your skin which allows for 300 % more absorption of your chosen skin care products so finding one which came with great skin care products was definitely key for me.

I eventually settled on the Skin roller from The Swiss Clinic.

The Swiss Clinic

Available in two needle depths either 0.2 mm or 0.5 mm I decided on the larger needle length.

The roller comes hygienically sealed.

I have a few deep wrinkles and 0.5 mm was the length The Swiss Clinic advised to use. If you visit their website HERE you can see which needle length is best for you based on your current skin problems.

So how does it works and why does it work? When used the roller creates thousand of tiny the micro channels which in turn prompts the skin to produce more collagen and stimulates new skin cells. Collagen is what keeps our skin youthful and tight and is the main protein structural protein in the skin. Vitamin c plays a vital role in the production of collagen so you may wish to ensure you incorporate this into you routine also. So with thousands of tiny holes created the skin product which you apply afterwards penetrates deep into the skins core.

My Skin Roller came with the rejuvenating serum from The Swiss Clinics award winning anti-ageing skin care range.

It is “An effective skin-repairing gel with the active ingredient beta-glucan that stimulates skin rejuvenation and collagen production, and simultaneously accelerates the skin’s natural healing process “.

There is no weird science behind this combination its just common sense. Think of it as irrigating to soil before you water a plant, the roots benefit from all that hydration and goodness ensuring something healthy and vibrant emerges above ground.

I have been using this product for one week and therefore I am now due for one week off. They advise a one-week use on one -week break cycle.

There is only one way I can describe how it feels and that is… it feels like 540 tiny needles being rolled into your face. It certainly isn’t pain free as you would expect and after the recommended 2-3 minutes of rolling, popping on that serum feels like heaven believe me.

The technique itself is easy use only after thoroughly cleansing your skin and then simply roll the roller backwards and forwards across the entire face or over problem areas you may wish to target specifically.

Rolling back the years

My face did appear slightly red after rolling and applying the serum but the next morning my goodness does it glow. I have hand on heart seen such good results already.

After rolling and applying the serum ensure you wash and sanitize the roller. If you also use a night cream then wait an hour after application of the serum before applying this.

Derma rolling is not just for the face in fact you can use it anywhere on the body where you wish to target problem areas, The Swiss Clinic produce a roller with over 1000 tiny needles for use on the body to help combat the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, and help boost the appearance of the skin.

So guess what I am purchasing next!!!!!!!!


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