Pre- Birthday Blog…. I am no longer an ageist.

On Tuesday July 7th I will reach the grand age of 43. You will notice that I didn’t say the grand old age , and that is because I am no longer ageist. I quite frankly believe that irrespective of age we are all capable of doing amazing things.

Ageism (also spelled “agism”) is stereotyping and discriminating against individuals or groups on the basis of their age.

I may be 43 but I can still out dance a twenty something in a club , out smart a university grad in a debate , and lift heavier that a young lad down the gym. How old I am does not determine how , smart , fit or determined I am.
As my body celebrates making it to 43 years of existence the rest of me continues to ignore the numbers side of things , preferring instead to continue through life with the same vigour and eagerness that I showed whilst forcing my way down that birthing canal.

So what that the carcass needs a bit more TLC , everything needs maintainence right ? There are so many reasons to look forward to progression ( getting older has been removed from my vocabulary ). Let me spell a few out for you.

You can relate to a wider genre of people…….

As we progress through life we get to mix with all kinds , which means we get to experience more of the opinions of others. As our social skills develop so does our ability to relate to those around us. Our tolerance levels increase and you no longer feel like you hate the world because it doesn’t revolve around you.

You enjoy going out more than ever…..

Why ? Because quite simply we care less , we aren’t worried about creating a certain impression because you see we don’t need to feel accepted or indeed worry about being judged by or the opinions of others. We got out with our friends comfortable in the fact that years of practice has taught us how to dress, how much to drink , how to avoid uncomfortable situations and most of all how to have a good time. So when I see a young girl crying over some boy , squeezing herself into a dress that cries notice me please , vomiting at the end of the night , I don’t frown up them at all . I think she is just one lesson wiser and a step closer to finding her place in life.

You get to reboot the hardrive and install new updates…….

During these years of progression at any point you can look back and think to yourself. Why didn’t I try that when I was younger ? And at this point you can choose to revisit previous aspirations and attack them with gusto ( gusto isn’t a bloke btw)

Experience starts to pay you a wage…..

You have suffered all of the fashion and beauty mistakes adolescence could throw at you , you entered the different “phases” of growing up and emerged from each one with photographic evidence of why perhaps goth/new romantic/punk/skinhead/raver probably wasn’t your thing after all.

Each broken heart and failed relationship teaching you that bad boys are exactly that.That sometimes things just don’t work out and that sometimes it’s better to walk away than tolerate nonsense. So to summarise you know what suits you in both fashion and relationships and you cut out the trauma of both.

Considering all this is ahead of you why on earth would you consider a birthday in any other way than progressive opportunity. Granted there will be those of you reading this and saying …

” Okay Aj what about the downside?”

Therefore in order to be fair to both sides I will leave a small disclaimer at the bottom.

So on Tuesday I shall be taking a day off work to celebrate my body making it to yet another year and will spend the day doing exactly what I want. So remember to embrace those birthdays as my bio states….

Those that have the most live the longest.



As we progress the carcass will often rebel this, could mean that childbirth could leave you with a vagina you no longer recognise. The ability to cough , sneeze , break wind and urinate at the same time. Look like you are performing the robot every morning when you rise from bed and advance to the bathroom.Hair that decides that it want’s to change colour permanently.Skin that retires before you do and stats to slacken off.

All of the above are just the side effects of the drug called life. Some may experience all of them , others just a few .

But so bloody what life is a drug and for every year we get to get high on it, I sure as hell are am not going to moan about it’s duration.

2 thoughts on “Pre- Birthday Blog…. I am no longer an ageist.

    1. That’s the spirit , your 30’s are the run up to when the goos things start to happen. sound your 30’s scratching that itch from the 20’s get it all out of your system and then your 40’s will be blissful .Thanks for the lovely comment xx

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