Are your piggies ready to go to market ?

Many of us have already broken out the converse and packed those winter boots away, and in the blink of an eye it will be time to bare all and unleash those feet for public viewing. The question is……

Are you ready ???????

We all do it we stuff them in cosy socks and boots all winter , and when the summer arrives we take one look at our tootsies and think , BALLS where did all that hard skin come from.

There is nothing worse than seeing a lady wearing a lovely pair of summer shoes only to reveal, cracked hard skin on the heels and knobbly toes with more corns than the Jolly Green Giant could handle and looking distinctly like Nik Naks…


My feet are disgusting I hate them at a size 8 I can’t hide them either , my second and third toes ( the one that stayed and home and the one that had roast beef) are both longer than the one that went to market. So in my 20’s I charmed a GP into referring me to have them shortened mainly because I kept tripping over them. The operation was so painful that I could not go through with the other foot . So yeah as you can imagine I look pretty special in the foot area. I had an operation last year to correct a fallen arch so I now have some lovely scars too.

My absolute advice would be treat yourself to a regular trip to a podiatrist to take care of the things that carry you through life.And a pedicure during the summer months to keep your feet looking as good as the rest of you. Now I appreciate some of you may not like others touching your feet , so then now is the time for you to start whipping them into shape , with so many great products on the market to choose from you will be spoilt for choice but it real is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes.

Soak your feet in a bowl of warm water and pat dry , now use a foot file to take off that dead skin. Now massage a handful of a scrub onto the skin. Choose an oil-based product, which will moisturize as it exfoliates dead, dry cells.

Bomb Cosmetics do a great one for £7.99


Now onto filing , file nails straight across to even out their shape.

Lastly ,wipe off any oil left on the nails from the foot scrub with polish remover. Then apply a quick-drying topcoat to make nails look shiny. Or a nail polish in the colour of your choice.

And bingo your feet will look and feel fabulous. Carry this out weekly to ensure you are always putting your best foot forward.


2 thoughts on “Are your piggies ready to go to market ?

  1. i am laughing as i have just said my toes look like nik naks , googled nik naks and here you are. you are not alone.

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