Over 30 and thinking of getting braces ?

My brace journey started ten months ago, when at 42 years old I decided that I wanted to straighten my wonky teeth.

Now you may ask why I left it so late in life, and to be honest I can’t really give you an answer other than I didn’t like the idea of veneers and I was too vain to consider anything else.

So what changed???? The simple answer is, because I no longer cared what other people may think, and after 12-18 months I would be able to smile with my mouth open and be proud of my pearly whites.

Ten months into the journey and the results so far are great and I am 100 % convinced I did the right thing.

I opted for fixed braces because if you are going to be a bear be a grizzly right? Okay so it did take some getting used to and there were moments I thought what I have done. For a start I had to have a spring attached to my front brackets to force a gap, allowing my tooth to move forward. And so my induction into the world of braces was I’d say pretty hard-core.


The spring meant it was hardly discreet for a start and I could see the look of shock on people’s faces when I spoke. I found myself stating the obvious to them and saying “I’m wearing braces sorry if I sound a bit funny”, because I just wanted it not to be the big elephant in the room nobody talked about. Most people were fantastic many even commenting on how they always wanted theirs doing and asking questions. But there was the odd one or two that said “Really, at your age “. When the gap appeared I looked like a poor mans Madonna.


So my first point is age is irrelevant, why on earth we should cease to invest in ourselves because we have reached a certain milestone… middle age.

I have no intention of neglecting my teeth to such an extent that dentures are imminently required, so why the hell shouldn’t I be able to give the window to my face a little makeover.

And secondly it doesn’t affect you… It’s my pain, my mouth, my money and if it offends you don’t look.There that told them.

So every six weeks I get a new wire fitted , and for a week afterwards I feel like I took a kick to the mouth from a donkey , and then again periodically as the teeth move. But you get to love that feeling because it signals that things are working. Eating out is always followed by a speedy trip to the ladies for a quick brush of the teeth in order to uproot the debris trapped between your wires.

I will say that although I also needed them on the bottom set also, I have chosen to have them done separately. I just couldn’t cope with having the top and bottom braces in at once , and although this means that I will spend possibly two and half years in braces, for at least half of this time I will have a beautiful straight top set to see me through the second phase.

Would I knowing what I know now opt to do it again. Yes!

Would I encourage others to do the same? Absolutely!

So please don’t let age put you off just go for it. Create the smile you want and use it often because that kind of thing is infectious.

Wearing braces has taught me how resilient I am and that by not taking the easy option I have retained what is naturally mine and made it better.

It has been a character defining teeth designing roller coaster .

Watch this girls story…

4 thoughts on “Over 30 and thinking of getting braces ?

    1. Hellooooooooo and thanks for the comment #30plusblogs is great, so excited to me part of it. And yes I cannot wait for the end result too so stay tuned . xx

    1. Do it !!! You won’t regret it I promise you . I have them on the bottom now too , I cannot wait to show off my new pearly whites . x

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