November Favourites Blogmas 2014 Day 1

So as the we move into December and we begin to shift our focus on what lies ahead let’s kick off Blogmas with a reflective look back over November and my November Favourites.

First up……. The Yes To range of products.
yes to
I discovered this skin range purely by chance during a shopping trip in Waitrose. Looking for a new face wash to try I decided to give this one a whirl, so stocked up not only on this but on the Body Wash, moisturiser and Exfoliating Skin wipes too. These products are Paraben free and organic.
The facial wash I adore it has a fresh zesty scent which stimulates not only your skin but also your senses. The fine grainy texture scrubs and awakens your skin leaving it looking bright and youthful, even an old bird like me. I use this first thing in the morning and at night I use the exfoliating wipes which smell just as fresh and with a slightly lighter exfoliating effect remove the days grime I must say however the body wash was not as I expected I had hope with its zesty promise it would be like the Soap and Glory Sugar scrub which I use and love. However the smell was slightly pharmaceutical and a bit of a let-down so I would not purchase this again. However I have delegated this to wash my make-up brushes with after the olive oil soak which is working well but not its intended use. The moisturiser I am yet to try but it does appear a bit runny for me.

Second on my list of November favourites is this Heat Protection Satin spray from Elnett.


heat spray

I have always associated this brand with old ladies, shampoo and sets and being non remarkable. Even with Cheryl Cole being used in the advert campaign it failed to tickle my pickle. Until now that is , after grabbing this during a flying visit to a small Tesco store and being limited to my choice of heat protectors believe it or not I am actually now a fan. Now I am not about to go out and make that leap into the shampoo and set world yet but….. This product is actually highly effective. The smell is pleasant a light fragrance not overpowering. It claims to work up to 3 days which is great because I leave it that long between washes. I must say that since I have blombred my hair it has assisted in preventing my hair from sustaining further damage and I will be purchasing this again as part of my hair care routine. A big AJ thumbs up from me and who knows after this review I may replace Cheryl Cole.

Third on my list of favourites are these funky hair bands.


As cheap as chips I purchased these from EBay for £1.99 plus FREE delivery for 30 of them. Not only are these kind to your hair but with so many colours they actually look pretty darn good on your wrists as a bracelet too. In fact I have two bracelets purchased from Not On The Highstreet made out of the very same thing. So now you can have an emergency hair up method on you every day and still look coordinated and stylish. BOOMSHAKALA.

Fourth in my list is this Gel Supershock Eyeliner from Avon.


I have used many different types of eyeliners over the years and struggled to find one that had longevity, didn’t smudge and was easy to apply. I can now share with you the results of my findings to reveal that this is actually the best god darn eyeliner ever. The colour is intense it has great staying power and with a straight away dark application you do not need to keep going over the area again and again running the risk of pulling your eyes into a Droopy Dog position permanently.

droopy dog

And last on my list is the Alice Weekly schedule Diary from The Magic Notebook.
Even if you are not a blogger with posts to schedule, with all of those New Year’s resolutions to execute you are going to need to keep yourself and your goals on track. This lovely little wipe clean diary not only comes in a host of lovely designs but is also lightweight to carry around in your. An organised mind is an organised life. Treat yourself or a loved one to one of these and never miss out on receiving a birthday present again!!


I hope you enjoyed my kick-start to Blogmas with these favourites and that your pickle was suitably tickled.

Shake your baubles to this as you shop online for the above goodies.


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