New Year Message

Now if you are avid readers of my ramblings you will know that I do not make any New Years Resolutions . But I wanted to post something for the New Year that might make you just stop for a bit and think ….

So imagine that you lived everyday twice over , during the first you experienced the stresses and strains of everyday life the second time you removed yourself from these and looked at the wonderful things happening around you. Suddenly the stress seems to pale away and you appreciate the simple things that happen. Life can sometimes be over bearing and over powering , lessons are learnt and sometimes it’s the hard way.They stick with us because the part of our brain know as the shit drawer stores them up ready for you to open from time to time. Now the key is to lock that shit drawer everyday turn the draw into a vault.

It wasn’t the year that was hard on you it was life and the next year may well bring about change not all may be good . It’s about keeping that shit drawer locked it’s about living everyday like you were living it twice. it’s about knowing that the only thing you will ever control is what goes in and comes out of your mouth.

So yeah it may be a new year but to me it’s just life. So I wish you all a a healthy and happy life , own it it’s yours and it can be short . So see the good rather than the bad see the simplicity in touching one heart rather than winning over 100’s of them.

And often the easiest way to gain perspective is to write about it and before you know it you have written about the solution. it’s within the power of you not within the digits 2015.


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