Mystery Dupe REVEALED

Now we all love a dupe, because let’s face it this means you suffer from less guilt when buying make-up and are therefore more inclined to re-purchase.

So whenever I come across something in my opinion I consider a dupe you my dearest readers will be the first to know.
I don’t know about you but at this time of the year I always reach for the Benetint. When applied I achieve that rosy glow as if I just stepped in from the cold. It’s seasonal, pretty and above all else has great staying power and longevity because a little goes a long way. So surely nothing could rival this beautiful fluid designed to kiss your cheeks all winter?

Wrong!!!!!! Once again those secret squirrels over at Make-Up Revolution have as the name suggests revolutionised the liquid tint world with a product that not only matches the Benetint but out performs it.

Give a big fat welcome to Makeup Revolution’s The One Fluid Blusher in Desire.

fluid 2

You need far less of this product so it will last even longer and as you can see below the match is almost identical .If you can spot any real difference in the colour then contact me to claim your prize as “ nit-picker of the year”.


I present my evidence here……


With a huge price tag of errrrrrrr £3.00. You can purchase 8 of these to 1 of its competitor.

Okay so now I have your attention how does it perform?

Application is sheer , you don’t need as much as Benetint so apply and layer if you need to ( remembering subtle is best you don’t want to walk around looking like you have high blood pressure or lost your way to a kids party ). You can use alone with or without a highlighter or even apply under bronzer for a sexy glimpse of flushed cheek underneath.

This is the ideal way to get that sweet girl next door flush, without the embarrassing situation that normally precedes.

Try it for yourself at £3.00 can you really afford not to ?

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