My BIG Skincare Secret Revealed ….

Skin … we all have it. In fact the average adult has 22 square feet of it.

It makes up around 8-10 pounds of our total body weight. And every minute we loose 30,000 dead skin cells from the surface.

If there is one thing that we need to preserve in peak condition it’s our skin. Keeping it healthy not only prevents spots and blemishes but it also helps to keep you looking younger for longer.

With all this in mind when I was asked to review some products from a range of anti-ageing skincare products naturally I jumped at the chance. At 43 years old I would be very naïve if I thought that along with the 30,000 dead skin cells falling from me every minute the wrinkles would slide of with them.

Now get ready for one heck of a sweeping statement……….

I have tried many different skincare products over the years but none have blown me away quite as those from this range.

Not only do the products smell amazing, after almost a month of using them I can honestly say that my skin has benefited so much so that I am now reliant on them.

My name is AJ and I am addicted to.



I was sent a total of two products from the range one to offer some hydration to my sometimes-dry skin and the other to help with my dark under eye circles and wrinkles.

So let me guide you through the products I used.

Hydrating Gel-Cream.


This can be used as either a day or night cream, which is exactly what, I did. Enriched with 3 molecular weights of wonder ingredients.

High Weight molecules, which remain on the surface of the skin and protect.

Low weight molecules, which sit on the upper layer of the skin to strengthen.

Very low weight molecules, which diffuse into the lower levels of the skin to redensify. With added Hyaluronic Acid the skin hydration levels are increased by a whopping 57 %.

So what does 57 % extra hydration feel and look like????

Softer for s start, my skin now feels so much softer to the touch and my make-up glides on the result is much smoother skin. It also appears brighter, my skin looks plumper healthier and dare I say it tighter. Which means I no longer need to put myself through a tight ponytail look to achieve that smoothed out finish to my forehead!!!!!

Now this alone won me over, but throw in quite possibly the most exquisite scent, which I think, is highly reminiscent of Issey Miyake and I am hooked.

This product melts into the skin like butter on toast and a little goes a long way making it great value for money also. At £35.00-£39.50 for 50 ml it is very affordable, and to be honest outperforms it’s price tag. Sunday Riley be afraid be very afraid.

The second product I have been using is.

The 5 Expertise Eye Cream.


This product promises to fight wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, fat deposits and drooping. a majority of which us in the over 40’s club have experience with.

Now before you start thinking will this work on your boobs, stop right there. Although it might there are some things that it won’t work miracles on and your spaniels ears are one of them , so stick to a good boulder holder for those droopy boobies .

Now back to the eye area I gently smooth and tap this product beneath and above the eye both morning and night and my dark circles have certainly been toned down, with the skin around the eye area being the thinnest on the body I don’t think I will ever be completely rid of this inherited trait (screw you dad)!!

Again this cream smells amazing and is kind and gentle on the eye area puffiness is reduced and although I don’t have any drooping I do feel that the skin below my eyebrows is tighter. The product comes in stylish packaging and retails at £37.00 for 15 ml.

There is a whole range of products within this range and I am more than happy to throw some of my hard earned cash their way.I am loving the effect they have had on my skin.

You can purchase these products at many salons throughout the UK or directly via their website.

And if you can’t take my word for it or think the products are for oldies then maybe you will listen to the following ladies whom are also huge fans of this range. The ladies at Pixiwoo, Jessica Biel, Sheridan Smith, Michelle Keegan, Samantha Faiers, Pixie Lott and Jess from Liberty X


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