Mothers Day – It’s not mandatory

I am going to open this blog by expressing my distain for those stupid Facebook posts that compare motherhood to a job.

Firstly it’s not a job it’s a privilege

Secondly if it was a job then I am sure we could all collectively agree a job description but as for the person specification would we all match it?

The answer is of course is no! For every great mother out there this is as equally bad one in fact some are down right awful.

So on Mothers Day I fail to see it’s generic qualities. It’s a day you either celebrate or don’t simple as that. And don’t feel guilty for one second if you don’t.

We all have different qualities, but we all have the same goal. To do right by our children and give them the best start in life that we can.

However that doesn’t mean doing everything for them, some of my best lessons in life has been learnt with my mother patiently waiting in the wings to dry up the tears.

My mum sadly lost her mum when she was just 8 years old. There can’t be a single day go by when she doesn’t wonder what it would she would have been like had her mum been an influence through her growing years.

My grandma was know as Fair, not because of the colour of her hair but for her attitude to others, she was quite simply one of the fairest people you could ever meet. What a great attribute to have .My son I am pleased to report is the same and at ten years old he is ridiculously fair to others something he doesn’t inherit from me I can tell you that much

I’d like to think that he inherited that from her and that she is being kept alive by that today.

The legacy we leave our children should not just be a financial one it should be one that is passed through generations through memories, great accomplishments and contributing in a good way to mankind.

Being a mum is about doing and saying things that will inspire the next generation. About showing your child that the only direction in life is forward, to not cry because it’s over but smile because it happened and that sometimes people are beautiful not in how they look or what they say, just in what they are.

Life changes, friends change and people leave it doesn’t stop for anybody

So with that in mind spend tomorrow appreciating life spend it with those that you love. Because whether she is a saint or a sinner your mum gave that opportunity to you so don’t waste it. If your mum is no longer with you then honour her by pursuing happiness through the lessons you learnt from her whilst she was alive.


This blog is for my long-suffering mother, one of the good guys. Strong willed, kind, smart, funny and hardworking. Always learning and always one step ahead of the rest.

An outstanding mother, grandmother and one of the most stylish ladies I have ever met. I have never known her leave the home without looking perfectly presented.

I know if Fair was alive today she would be proud of you.

Thanks for being the kind of mum that teaches through life lessons and rewards through praise on accomplishment.

I asked Morgan to describe you in 3 words this is what he said ………….

Fun, loving, and just a really lovely person.

He never could count!!!



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