Marlenha Skincare – Blossom Elixir

With a name like Blossom Elixir , I would expect to see some “blooming” good results from this Marlenha skincare product. After trying it’s sister product Flourish Mousturiser back in December last year , I was eager to see how this would perform.


Product Description taken from the website.

Gently nourish and protect your skin every day with this hydrating, multi-action moisturiser. Formulated with antioxidant-rich argan oil, wrinkle-smoothing Octapeptide and Vitamin E, it helps to deliver a rejuvenating firming effect while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture balance.

It talks a good talk but could it help repair my tired and over indulged complexion after all of the christmas wrong doing ?

As you can see I have given the product a thorough trial and have used almost half of the pot of cream.


The packaging is simple and stylish which is exactly what I have come to expect from this stylish Italian brand. the scent of the cream is lightly perfumed and with a mixture of oils as follows it makes for a pleasurable application experience:-

Cactus fruit extract: softening and hydrating with anti-inflammatory properties

Rice Bran Oil: a particularly softening and nourishing oil

Organic olive oil: optimal hydration and nourishment, with soothing, protecting and repairing properties; fights the signs of skin ageing

Wild Rose: astringent, toning and balancing

Rose Hip Oil : it contains vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that correct dark spots and hydrate dry

Jojoba Oil : Highly penetrative and very protective, Jojoba oil has excellent softening and moisturising properties

I was advised to use this after cleansing and before applying my makeup as it allegedly acts as a great makeup base.So under expert instruction that is what I did for this trial and the results I have to say were quite surprising.

I am normally a fan of a serum or a primer before applying my makeup, mainly due to creams which I have used for this purpose in the past absorbing slowly or just sitting on the skin and reacting in a totally non flattering way with my foundation.

Blossom Elixir however absorbed easily and quickly into the skin and seemed to lock in the moisture. The active ingredient Vitamin E helped protect and repair my skin throughout the day so I felt safe in the knowledge that it was working whilst I was .

As my skin has aged I have to admit to having a close affinity to Hyaluranic Acid. This helps my skin to keep looking plump and youthful so I was happy that this is also contained with the cream alongside Argan Oil, which is renown for it’s ability to prevent early skin ageing. And probably the main reason your skin feels so soft and silky after application of this product.

My own personal gains from using Blossom Elixir were that true to form it acted as a great base for my makeup and kept my skin looking moist throughout the day , with no cracking of foundation around the eye or nasal area.

My skin looked hydrated and plumped and felt soft to the touch. There was no greasy residue and I didn’t experience that feeling which you sometimes get with creams of a thicker substance , that my skin couldn’t breathe. I haven’t noticed much of a difference to my skin tone but I have never suffered from redness or blotchiness so there isn’t much to even out.On the whole I was pleased with the results and how my skin seemed to look fresher after a week or so of using this although I feel it’s full benefits are realised after weeks two and three.

After a month of use I am looking forward to continuing with this as part of my skincare ritual.

It sells for £56.00 for 50ml so it’s not a cheap purchase but……. you pay for what you get and what you are getting is a product that works and one that will last as a little goes a long way…. to keep you looking younger.

It was a real pleasure to trial this product for Marlenha and I would highly recommend this product to anybody over the age of thirty looking at keeping their skin looking younger through great skincare products.


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