Making a Murderer ….my thoughts.

It had the nation glued to Netflix for the last two months.

it has evoked debate and divided opinions within households.

Its shocking, real life and probably the most talked about Documentary in years.

I am talking about Making a Murderer.

Making a murderer is the story of Steven Avery and probably the biggest publicly aired miscarriage of justice in a long time.
Steve Avery

Over ten episodes this programme follows Mr Avery and his journey after being released from prison after wrongly serving time in prison for a serious sexual offence occurring in 1985.

DNA evidence finally freed Avery but not before serving eighteen years and constantly pleading his innocence.

With freedom a reality Avery seeks compensation from the state of Wisconsin and what happens soon after can only be described as gut reaching.

As Steven Avery finds himself on trail once again this time for the murder of Teresa Halbach, each episode leaves you with a nasty taste in your mouth towards the American judicial system and an over bearing feeling of helplessness.

Seen through the eyes of the defence you witness policing at it’s worst. One of the most powerful examples is seen during the interview of Averys 15 years old nephew Brendan Dassey. During this detectives are seen to coerce a statement from this vulnerable boy with limited intelligence.

Over the ten episodes you watch the love of a mother /son relationship ripped apart at the hands of the state.

I think it is fair to say that the family are not the brightest of folk but what they lack in intelligence they make up for in tenacity and spirit. The stark realisation is that Mrs Avery will leave this earth with a hole in her heart. A hole that nothing but her son’s release could ever put right.

Despite a petition which so far has gained 270,000 signatures trying to gain a pardon for Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey (also convicted) hope of release is unlikely with a lifetime behind bars a stark reality.

Brendan Dassey

Without going into too much details as some of you may now choose to watch this gripping real life drama, the evidence to convict both Steven and Brendan was weak to say the least and seemingly/obviously planted.

However we have to remember what we are being shown the story from a defence perspective and not all evidence considered was revealed during the programme itself I did notice that whilst Steven Avery throughout the whole shocking situation remained calm, poised and focused on proving his innocence, letters sent to his fiancé whilst serving time for his initial wrong conviction showed an evil streak and threats to kill.

So maybe there is a side to this man that we didn’t get to or was deliberately not meant to see. Did he really murder Teresa Halbach ? Part of me hopes that he did, as then the rest of his life will be spent serving his time for such a heinous crime and not wasted trying to prove his innocence once again.

As I think about the verdict I personally flip from thinking he is innocent to thoughts of but what if he is guilty? And this is probably something that I will ponder about for years to come. Yes it occupies your head space that much.

As for Brendan Dassey this I find deeply sad and upsetting, his fabricated account of events which was prized out of him by two detectives like bullies taking lunch money of a small child in the playground was so far-fetched it played right into the hands of the prosecution. They manipulated a child in the same way children are groomed over the Internet by playing on his vulnerable nature and the desire to please.

With no evidence to even substantiate his claims and even after an admittance to lying , sadly his fate had already been sealed. A young life ruined by what can only be described as a callous, cold-hearted and floored system of justice.

As far as I could see the biggest criminals by far in this case was the State of Manitowoc County’s Sheriff department and it’s handling of both cases.

With a clear lack of accountability their main objective was to secure a conviction whether the person in question was guilty or not.

When Steven Avery was found to have a connection to Teresa Halbach naturally the media interest was high and therefore the desire from the Manitowoc Sheriffs department to convict with the nation watching was more important than the true facts themselves. They had an opportunity to prove that the previously wrongly convicted person was in fact a very bad man and they seized upon it.

This is a system where police and prosecutors are keen to convict and a failed system, which does not hold law officials accountable. Therefore is there any wonder that in 2014 there was a recorded total of 124 exonerations. The United States has a very fragmented criminal justice system and therefore mistakes will always be part of this until somebody decides to change this.

The likes of Steven Avery , Brendan Dassey and their families are the casualties born from these poorly governed system that ruin lives through sheer incompetence.

And whilst the verdict is still up for debate I don’t think anybody can argue with the fact that the way the investigation was carried out was full of inconsistencies and distortions of the truth. And whether they sought to convict Avery through embarrassment of imprisoning an innocent man the first time round we will never know.

Not only does this series leave you battling the verdict for days after , it also fills you with an uneasy realisation that the people whom we entrust to protect us , can also cause unrepairable harm to us.

Why not hard over to Netflix and make your own mind up and leave me a comment with your thoughts.



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