Makeup Revolution … A brush with beauty

Whatever you are doing you need the right tools to do a good job and applying makeup is no different.

It is the difference between a high-end finish with a flawless end look and a patchwork of colour. With a market saturated with makeup brushes of varying quality it is so easy to get it wrong. And could result in you being and be put off using brushes after experiencing a poor result.

Choosing instead to stick to the natural set god gave you , your fingers ….

And for this fact alone it is a shame because you could in fact be missing out on the flawless finish you so crave.

Finding a decent set of makeup brushes that won’t cost the earth and are durable enough to stand the test of time is no mean feat.

With brands such as Real Techniques sitting midway between drugstore and the likes of MAC it has still left a number of consumers unable to afford a full range resulting in many still feeling the brush off.

Until now that is as look what just came along. Only a set of brushes that may just have answered your prayers… classy looking , durable , affordable , synthetic /animal friendly and above all else soft… So what are these brushes rising out above the rest…


They are in fact manufactured by the brand Makeup Revolution who are so hot right now it’s scary.

So let’s see how they perform..

Pro E101 Eyeshadow Brush

An everyday essential brush for applying colour to the eyes , great for applying your base colour for a more loaded effect.

Pro E102 Eyeshadow Contour Brush

If you want to create a smokey eyed effect this won’t let you down. I used this on the outer part of my eyelid and it was a pleasure to use.

Pro E103 Eyeshadow Blending Brush

A perfect brush for blending , this gave excellent results and seemed to be able to easily achieve precision results.

Pro E104 Eyebrow Brush

I am afraid as my eyebrows are tattooed I have yet to use this brush so am unable to review it. I purchased it so I had to full set and will be using it in a review coming up in March.

Pro F101 Foundation Brush

I bloody love this brush when my Real Techniques expert face brush did a Queen of Hearts on me.( it’s head fell off ) I was clicks away from purchasing it’s replacement then this arrived…. and I am not going back again !!! My base has never looked so pristine and we know it’s all about the base !!

Pro F102 Concealer Brush

Another great brush for precision placement of your concealer , I use this daily too.

Pro F103 Stippling Brush

We all love a good stipple unless of course the brush resembles something that a child has played hairdressers with , but this brush is great and I use this when applying a thinner in consistency foundation with great results.

Pro F104 Powder Brush

A fab soft as a baby lamb brush which will achieve the ultimate set to your makeup

All of the brushes washed beautifully and keeping in line with the slick black gloss packaging Makeup Revolution like to keep uniform to, they really do look like an expensive set. Which leads me into the million dollar question….

The cost…. sub standard makeup if you don’t use them for one.

And for your bank balance the enormous sum of errrrr …

£20.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can purchase the whole darn set !!!!!

Seriously grab yourself a set and one for a friend because they will love you for life !!!

Have you tried these brushes yet ? What are your thoughts ???


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