Madonna ……An Embarrassing Mum ?

If you are within my age range then Madonna will probably have been a huge part of your teenage years growing up .Her amazing vocal talents were not the only reasons millions of girls around the world aspired to be that Material Girl.

A chameleon of style she continued to inspire within the fashion world for many years.

The one thing Madonna could do during the 80’s that no other artist within that genre could pull of successfully was to shock. We all remember that sex coffee book in the 90’s which interestingly is still one of the most sought after coffee table books to this day .And wow that full on snog with Britney Spears at the MTV awards in 2003.


This however didn’t cause half as much controversy as when Madonna featured a black man as jesus in her Like A Prayer video whilst appearing to be performing a sex act on him whilst as he was nailed to the cross.

Candid and frank in her interviews this lady told it how it was and lets face it we loved her for it.

At 56 she posed topless for a magazine shoot and to be honest she looked better in those pictures than half the girls her age Come on we have we witnessed them gracing the streets and bars with their breasticles spilling out of their Primark vest tops every summer.

So at 56 should this icon be covering up? And is the so called Queen of Pop embarrassing her children by continuing to pull of these shocking stunts ???

The one thing that can be said about Madonna is that she is true to her artistic licence. she never waivers , never conforms and never ever sells out .

Now I very much doubt that she nips to Tesco in such outfits or reads her coffee table sex book to her children at bedtime . So I believe that she should not cover up that spectacular body that at a time when women are giving up and letting mother nature do her thing. Not Madonna she refuses to let it happen. You don’t get a bum that pert by sitting on it and complaining about mother natures unkind slap to your system from the age of 40 onwards.

She has preserved her role within motherhood by having periods where she rests and goes off the radar, and I guess this is a side of Madonna she reserves especially for her children , they know who mum is and they know who Madonna is. Much like the persona we have at work and the real us our family see at home.

The level of dedication and commitment she shows in maintaining that body and the demanding fitness levels she shows at 56 is just inspirational.

Madonna is far from an embarrassing mum in my eyes , she is the type of mum we could all learn from.

Hardworking, true to her beliefs , unafraid , fun talented and proving to us all that age is just a number.

And whilst I would possibly refrain from flashing my bottom to the cameras for fear of looking like this ….

Carol McGiffin put it away love ….


If I had a rear as pert as Madge’s I would be wearing Marilyn Monroe type dresses every windy day I can tell you that much.

So you go Madge I would rather see your butt at 56 than a young lady GA GA dressed as a lamp chop ?

I salute you Madonna and your risqué side.


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