Lush Product Epic Fail !!!

Now I am a self confessed LUSHOHOILIC and if soap sniffing was a crime I would be doing life !!! But if I come across something I don’t like them I am of course going to be honest and tell you , after all we are here to advise and not fantasise.

Let me set the scence….

It’s Pancake Day and after stuffing myself full of Nutella & Blueberry pancakes I decided to run a lovely hot bath enjoy a few new products and relax . So after lighting a candle and perusing the contents of my LUSH basket of goodies I thought I would try the Snowman Shower Jelly which came as part of my Lush Christmas gift set .


Now whilst it smelt fresh and sweet , this product ruined my me time arghhhhhhh. Why you may ask… ???

Because dear readers , I spent moat of the bathtime just trying to keep the bloody thing in my hand long enough to wash with . And the only lather I built up was the one in my head as I got more and more frustrated at flipping the darn thing around the bath more times than I did my Betty Croker Pancake Mix earlier…. which coincidently is also super crap !!!!

How anybody can enjoy using this stuff is beyond the wit of man. Thinking that perhaps it would perhaps be a fun product for a child to use making bath time fun , I duly set my 9 year old son the challenge of washing with this . After initially giggling at the consistency , he like his mother soon got annoyed at constantly having to fish it out from under his butt cheeks at the bottom of the bath.It should be rebranded as bum wash cos I guess ours are now super clean after jiggling about on top of it trying to retrieve it from Davey Jones Locker every 30 seconds.

So just like pancake day this product was more about the flipping mostly out and not about the washing . And all I could think of was Lush you complete T****** !!!!!!

So it’s A no man TO snowman from me !!!!!!

It left me feeling like this !!!!


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