Make-up as old as Rick Astley that you are ” Never gonna give up “

If you are like me and the thought of turning 40 is sending you reaching for internet forums in the hope that somebody will have just the kind of honest slap round the face advice you need. ??? Then welcome……. firstly get a grip you won’t look any different as you blow out those 40 candles in fact all that light can actually be quite flattering. Secondly don’t lie about your age you will forget how many years you are knocking off and personally I would rather look good for 40 than a not so good 35. And thirdly relax you are now about to move into the what I like to call ” got your shit together ” phase of your life….

You are not too busy to take care of yourself and yes creams do work but only if you use them properly, when was the last time you updated your make-up collection ? I guess if you are still listening to Rick Astley and putting your hair up in a scrunchie to hoover then it’s been a while.

So today I set you a challenge to go through your make-up bag and with every item say to yourself ” how long have I been using this product ? Then I want you to stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself long and hard then repeat…….. Today I am going to start to love me again and to do this I may need to change and live outside of my comfort zone .

Then leave  a comment about what you your comfort zone is for example if you are a ” I have always done it this way ” kinda lady and fear change then comment ” I need a slap from  Aj.

My next few posts will be about changes I have made and are still making so be prepared for some bare faced shots !!! I am now going to a kids birthday party where I am going to be asking the same questions to the other mums and where the next 3 hours will see us all age before our own eyes as children bounce off the walls whilst us mums  are all  secretly   thinking… I could be at home ironing

Keep smiling

Aj xxx

2 thoughts on “Make-up as old as Rick Astley that you are ” Never gonna give up “

  1. Wow AJ…..this is fab!!!
    I have just spent the last 2 hours on your blog spot…reading every last word…it’s bloody mega!!
    I’ve seen two products I’m gonna try for sure…well done you xxxx
    Heidi x

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