Last Minute Christmas Stress Blogmas Day 20

So by now you thought you had it Christmas in the bag literally , then you realise you have forgotten to buy somebody a present or worse  order a turkey that clock is ticking  and you are running out of time to do anything about it.

Okay first stop ….. worrying won’t solve anything and stressing will just ruin the festive spirit you have injected yourself with daily for the last month. It’s time to gather some perspective here. It’s one day and you will sleep for 12 of it. Supermarkets flex their opening times to accommodate these last minute thrill seekers. It’s not the law to have turkey , Santa will not turn up on Christmas Day with the  Grim Reaper in tow and knock at your door if you pull a chicken out of the oven on Christmas Day.

Gift vouchers are great and can be purchased everywhere and it’s much better than an ill thought out last minute gift.

So whatever you have forgotten it the grand scheme of things it really won’t matter it’s just one day. As long as you have those you love close by it really does not matter if you don’t have a mountain of Matchmakers , reams of Roses or buckets of Bailey’s does it eh ??? No exactly so if you don’t have it ? Might not get time to get it ?  Don’t stress it.

I am pretty sure that by now whatever you do have is pretty much way more than a lot of others will have all year let alone for one day.

So perspective and breathe ………


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