Jo Malone the game changer

I do love a Jo Malone candle , actually I love scented candles full stop …….but Jo Malone products always give that little bit more.

However I now have to admit to never being much of a fan of their unique range of colognes. So during a recent trip to their Cambridge store, and seeing as it was probably quite a few years since I last had a spritzing session at the table of scented dreams, I decided to throw caution to the wind and let my nose do the talking….well sniffing.

Okay so the first few which I spritzed were either way to powdery or way too overpowering with citrus undertones, and halfway through the line up Blackberry & Bay was my only potential.

Until that is I discovered Wood Sage & Sea Salt.


This fresh yet earthy cologne smells amazing. It’s the type of scent that you can smell in the evenings on a summer holiday, as you sit in a beach fronted restaurant watching people filter by. It’s a mixture of the salty sea breeze and sophisticated summer scents.At £82.00 for 100 ml or £40 for 30 ml it isn’t your cheapest cologne.But then again for a special gift or to just treat yourself for being great it won’t disappoint and if you received £1 for every time somebody complimented you on it, well you would soon be making your money back.

Now I was a very lucky lady and received a second bottle of Jo Malone cologne from my husband after his recent trip away. This time it was from the Cologne Intense range and in the scent Velvet Rose & Oud.


This is a heavier cologne as the name suggests but the Damask Rose lifts this away from the intensive base scent Oud to bring a sweet floral fragrance . The top note of clove gives this scent the spicy warmth and richness it needs to create a wonderful night time cologne that will accompany that LBD on any night out.

Both colognes go the distance and are still smelling

Of course all Jo Malone products come beautifully gift wrapped. I am looking forward to trying more colognes from their range in the future only next time I won’t be leaving it so long.


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