Japanese eye drops that give you whiter brighter eyes .

As a blogger and somebody that uses a laptop on a daily basis my eyes definitely suffer from staring at a screen for hours on end. Dry tired eyes are no fun and can often leave you looking like you have a dose of myxomatosis , not the most attractive look I am sure you will agree.

Even if you don’t have a job that involves an element of screen work then you may probably still stare at your smart phone or iPad for hours on end in the evening.

In today’s society it has become the norm.

So as social media has us firmly within its grasp , not only will our social life suffer sadly so will our eyes.


The Science bit ……

Studies have shown us that we blink half as often whilst using a computer or any other digital device leading to very dry tired eyes.Not only will eye fatigue slow down your productivity , it can also have other annoying symptoms such as increased sensitivity to light and pain in the neck shoulders or back.

The menopause can also cause us ladies to suffer from dry tired eyes affecting over 60% of menopausal women in the UK.

I have personally tried many eye drops available to buy over the counter , and to be honest the benefits were very short-lived. However I have now found the mother of all eye drops which I am totally in love with .

I present FX Neo Japanese eye drops.


Imagine your eyes could take drugs ( not that i am advocating drug taking here ) ….. and halfway through the night they took a little something that pepped them right up and left them feeling fresh , invigorated , and looking brighter and whiter than ever.Well now they can.

FX Neo eye drops not only relieves 100% of the redness ,dryness and any irritation they have a unique cooling sensation that really wakes up those tired eyes.It feels like somebody is blowing cool air onto your eyes and last up to a good 2 hours


Upon application there is a slight burning sensation… don’t panic this quickly subsides keep your eyes closed for approx 15 seconds and when you open them WOW !!

I recommend using before applying any make-up in case your eyes water.


Japan are the worlds leading supplier of eye drops so that should speak for itself. Madonna loves them. They are easy to obtain as they are widely available over the internet Goggle will be your best friend here or EBay.They are not expensive mine cost £7.57 for 2 packs including shipping and arrived from Japan within a few days.

So what are you waiting for give them a try then pop back and let me know how you got on.


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