It’s just a coward with a keyboard.

Being new to the Blogging world I couldn’t help but notice an uneasy feel concerning people voicing strong opinions regarding other bloggers and how they handle their pages with some strong remarks. I have also read sad tweets from seemingly rather lovely people scared of uploading another You Tube video after receiving nasty comments. So I felt compelled to put my feelings out there from the onset to kind of mark my position on this subject.

You Tube at present is not something I have any interest in getting involved in other than in a viewing capacity. However this subject is a matter which hits close to home.

Two years ago my husband had a rather unfortunate building accident which almost resulted in him losing his leg, a garage he was demolishing collapsed on top of him,  all captured on camera. He received quite ground breaking surgery and made such an amazing recovery that it became newsworthy. The video clip was played on BBC news during an interview with him and links to this accompanied the story which was picked up by The Sun. The Mirror, The Mail amongst others so the video was soon receiving 1000’s of hits. Now the comments ranged from sympathetic even constructive to downright offensive. There seemed to be an army of people who scour the internet and make it their business to offend. Yes the trolls ……….

Now whilst these comments angered me I paid little attention to them but my poor husband recovering from surgery took every comment to heart and felt like mixture of a failed builder to as somebody put it “ An example of Cameron’s failed education system “. You could argue with these people online all day and waste a lifetime trying to reason with a bunch of idiots.

So it saddens me that when we have a platform at our disposal where we can both educate and be educated that people even within the same industry feel they have a right to make another feel worthless of a view.

You Tube apparently means “You “ and “Television “ personally I see it like a “You “ and the underground “Tube” a fast way of sending us around the globe avoiding all the headaches that lie above the surface. And when you look above the surface of what we call life this type of person is everywhere.

We all have that one friend who is always there in a crisis…. but only when there is a crisis. Some people feed off others misfortune to make themselves feel better,  this spills into the internet where people without the drive and spirit to put themselves out there and make something of themselves try and knock down those that do. My son makes  little gaming You Tube videos and we have had the chat about mean comments and how to deal with them. There are lots of magazines these days filled with misfortune that people flock to read,  in fact some even contacted me to get the “wife’s perspective “ after the accident . I declined for me it was an event in life something that happened , something we dealt with no need to spread my misery in a public fashion or for those with a penchant for others misery to pick the bones out of .I kept things normal for our son in turn he coped without any drama . It was a life event it wasn’t a drama.

And those comments are just comments they have no power they carry no weight. So all those fallen ones pick yourselves repossess that courage and show them who is BOSS!!

Here is the unfortunate accident in case you want to read just how vile people can be about something serious s, so don’t ever feel it’s personal or a reflection on you. It’s just some coward with a keyboard.

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