I Had Dimple Surgery !!!!

Dimples …… Is there anything cuter? Okay maybe kittens or baby monkeys or baby monkeys holding kittens. You have to admit that when somebody who possesses dimples smiles they automatically give off a childlike adorability. Well in my opinion that is. Ever since I can remember I have always been envious of those cute little cheek flaws. And they are a flaw (the result of a muscle not working properly) however this was one flaw that I really didn’t mind taking for the team.

Alas over the years I just had to look on in awe of those blessed with those little cute craters .In fact It was fair to say I was dimple obsessed . I could often be heard saying “ Awwwww you have dimples “ whilst fighting the urge to stick my fingers in them. Yes I really have done that.

The only place I managed to achieve them was on my butt!! Oh and on the face of my son… It was like our creator thought, poor cow let’s throw some onto the face of her child so she can look at them everyday as recompense. It’s a cold cruel world we live in……….

Now many many years ago I found myself during a conversation saying, “ I can’t believe that it is not yet possible to surgically achieve dimples “. So I took to the wondrous web and low and behold I found the pot of gold at the end of my dimple-lined rainbow. It WAS now possible to surgically create dimples. Now it was still a fairly uncommon procedure and at it’s most popular within the Arab countries. So with it still being within its infancy I decided to wait until it was a little more popular. After all techniques evolve and improve and if I was going to get my face carved out then it needed to be by Michael Angelo not Edward Scissorhands.

Fast-forward a good few years and dimple surgery finally arrived here in the UK. Bravo !!!!! Now at this point I will say it is still relatively unheard of and the success of the operation is not guaranteed. In fact people have undergone the procedure only for their beautiful dimples to disappear after a short amount of time. The more I researched the procedure the more obvious it became that this was still relatively uncommon and was accompanied with the risk that I could put myself through surgery only to face (pardon the pun) disappointment further down the line.

There were other alternative methods to consider on the internet like sticking your fingers in your cheeks pressing hard for some time over a period of time which gives you dimples for 2 minutes … where do this people surface from ??? or getting cheek piercings which again has little success in retention of the dimples when the piercings come out and miss plus you are left with two scars on your face… I think I’ll pass thanks.

But what’s life without a little risk and as I had previously used a surgeon and cosmetic surgery I trusted for other cosmetic procedures I decided to ask him if this was a procedure he could perform. I was delighted therefore when Mr Aslam from linia response was “ Of course I can “. So within a month I found myself on a train London bound for his Harley Street clinic to undergo Dimpleplasty.

The surgery itself isn’t major in fact it is completed under a local anaesthetic and takes around 20- 30 minutes.

A punch biopsy instrument is placed against the inside of your cheek and circular motions are made to cut through the fat and cheek muscle. A circular core composed of these tissues is removed, leaving the skin intact, which will create a shallow cylindrical-shaped defect under the skin.
This ‘defect’ is closed by placing an absorbable suture through the inner skin of cheek (muscle) on one side of the defect, then through the dermis layer of the skin and finally through the inner skin of cheek (muscle) on the other side of the defect. A surgical knot is tied, which in turn will result in dimpling of the skin even without smiling. So for a start you look like this.

1 Day Post Surgery

Now on the web they say to expect minimal swelling, however my surgeon Mr Aslam was brutally honest and had already aligned me to the fact that I would look like a chipmunk for a good few days… and I did look like a chipmunk, with two craters in my face and I bruised quite badly on one side so I looked like I had been in some sort of odd accident. But I will admit I do bruise very easily I am like a ripe peach .But given the fact that I had just had invasive facial surgery only a complete novice would expect anything other.

Bruising to area
Bruising to area

The procedure was over very quickly and Mr Aslam and the team were fabulous throughout. I didn’t feel a thing just the pressure of his hand against my face .I arrived for my surgery at 11.00 am and by 3.30 pm I was on the train home again. It really was that uncomplicated.

Now I am not going to omit the not so good bits transparency when handing out advice to anybody is vital to retain your integrity as a blogger. So….. It was very sore for a start in fact I lived on painkillers for a good few days. But it was no worse than you would feel after receiving dental treatment and I was very swollen for a number of days. I was on a liquid cold diet for a few days and frequent rinsing of the mouth with mouthwash was a must. Oral hygiene is key to keeping the operation site clean and preventing any nasty infections. I was given a course of antibiotics to take for seven days as a precautionary measure and was informed that the craters in my face would smooth out over time but that this could take up to three months. And of course as Mr Aslam was great at managing my expectation ahead of even performing the surgery he had given me all the facts. He ensured I knew about all of the risks and the fact that one in fifty cases need further surgery, as the dimples simply don’t take.

So fast-forward almost 4 weeks and the swelling has gone the bruising has disappeared and my craters have smoothed out to an almost flat level until I smile or talk. But when I do BOOM….. The cutest dimples I could ever have wished for are clear to see. As time has gone on my dimples have got deeper as the swelling subsides they become more noticeable.

4 weeks post op

I am still really careful not to over exaggerate my facial expressions and massage is a no no. It takes three months for the skin to heal and therefore the adhesion process to complete. Until that is complete the dimples could simply disappear, as the skin won’t attached. But so far so good, I really can’t see them leaving anytime soon. I guess the fact that I have a slim face with very little fat on my cheeks will have helped as the more cheek fat the riskier the result.

I have had lots of lovely compliments on my dimples and I personally think it gives my smile that extra little cute edge.


Some would ague that this is a totally unnecessary cosmetic procedure and they have a point. Not having dimples would not have ruined my life, and having dimples is not going to make me more successful richer or likeable. It was my personal choice nothing more nothing less. I would make the same decision again and am over the moon with the results.Surgery should be well considered , researched and decisions made with a clear mind and good professional advice.

Side View

Side view

If this is something that you have thought about, my blog is just to let you know it is possible to achieve and that given the right surgeon and aftercare the results look natural and effective. I highly recommend Mr Aslam for his honest, caring and pragmatic advice and above all else his first class skills within the world of cosmetic surgery.

I am not being sponsored by Linia for promoting their services it is through my own experience that I wish to write this post to assist others who may also have my weird dimple fetish. But if you are looking at walking the dimple route you may want to check them out HERE because they were FABULOUS !


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