I almost became an author and failed…. read why.

I’m too lazy to write a book !!!!

Well no actually that’s probably me being a bit unfair on myself I’m not lazy I am just sporadic in my writing pattern. One day I could blog for the whole day and then not want to blog again for a week or so.

You see I have a very creative mind. I can use words to take your imagination to exactly where I want it to be. I convinced myself many years ago (before I started blogging) that I could and would write a book.


I started writing a book about a young girl who was blind from birth. She quit her job and decided to travel the world (although initially I planned that you wouldn’t find out she was blind until the end).

I managed to get three chapters down on paper before I suddenly realised that my writing style was being heavily influenced by my mood. Bad day at work, she had a bad day, feeling ill, she suddenly became ill. And after a row with my husband saw her murdering a young guy on a tram. I realised that I was probably never going to get an award from The Writers Guild.

The beginning of chapter four saw her receive a life sentence and that is where she remains to this day. This poor blind girl was in prison guilty of murder all because my husband had been a prick for whatever stupid reason that day.

So I gave up…

I did once think about picking up where I left off and then realised that there isn’t much you can do with a blind girl in prison. Determined not to be beaten I tried once again to earn my place on the shelves of Waterstones.

But ……

I started to deviate from the storyline and by the time Chapter five came round I had forgotten all about my leading lady and was off on a tangent. My new staring role was a fellow inmate who discovered my leading lady was blind by chance. She became fixated with repairing her eyesight. My new subject began to gauge out the eyes of several inmates in an attempt to woo her .She hoped she would open her eyes and fall in love with this kind benefactor .The gift of vision was left for her to discover on her pillow at night.

Pretty crap really because she couldn’t actually see them and subsequently Chapter six would see her regularly consume the evidence after thinking that some kind person was leaving her the gift of whelks for super of a night on a semi-regular basis.

These unexplained occurrences saw the introduction of a psychology expert brought in to interview inmates in an attempt to find out the perpetrator. He would then fall in love with “ the blind lady “.

This new twist occurred naturally after I started studying for my Psychology degree.

So basically I was writing an Autobiography. But this Autobiography wasn’t actually about me but based on the emotional and mental state of my mind portrayed through fictional characters.

Either I was a literary genius and had somehow stumbled upon a new genre of writing or to put in simply just not cut out for the life of an author.

I am thinking the latter, but hey if you are reading this and you are a publisher interested in a novel novel (got to love a bad pun) I have some real gold dust going on in this here mind of mine.

So hit me up.


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